I Have Dark Under-Eye Circles—These Are the Only 11 Concealers That Work for Me


If I had to use only one makeup product for the rest of my life, I would choose concealer every single time. As someone who is prone to acne scarring, has chronic dark circles and spends a lot of time trying to minimise her uneven skin tone, it’s safe to say I rely heavily on concealer. Considering I don’t really wear foundation, I use concealer in a myriad of ways. Not only does it disguise my under-eye bags, eradicate any signs of breakouts and cover up any redness, but it also works to even out my skin in a way that just leaves me feeling better about myself.

In fact, I believe concealer to be so good that I’m not really sure any of us would ever need to buy foundation again if we just knew which formulas to look out for. Like most us, I like for my makeup to look natural and for my base products to leave my skin looking like mine, just a bit better. It’s for this exact reason that nine times out of 10, I prefer to apply concealer just in the areas I need it rather than coat my entire face with a layer of foundation.

And while I hate for my foundation (when I opt for it) to be heavy-duty or full-coverage, I firmly believe that all good concealers should be exactly that. I want my concealer to hide whatever I want it to hide, but I also like it to have a skin-like finish, avoid creasing and be easy to apply. That’s not so much to ask, is it?

Turns out it really is. In fact, I’ve tried every concealer that has ever come my way as a beauty editor (of which there have been hundreds), and I can safely say there are only 11 full-coverage concealer formulas that I feel confident enough to recommend to those with intense dark circles and uneven skin tone like myself. So to prove to you just how good these concealers are, I’ve snapped myself in every single one—no primer, no foundation, no other base products at all in fact, just concealer. Keep scrolling to discover the 11 best full-coverage concealers I’ve ever used.

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