It’s Official: These Are the Best Tops and Shoes to Wear With Baggy Jeans


The baggy denim renaissance is understandably divisive; not everyone wants to relive this thoroughly noughties trend. But love it or hate it, all it takes is a scroll through Instagram to see a rush of fashion girls wholeheartedly embracing the slouchy look. Sitting on the opposite end of the spectrum to the equally polarizing skinny jean, roomy denim is having its moment in the spotlight.

We’re here (along with some of our most trusted influencers) to convince you that loose jeans are, in fact, worth your time and money—and not just because of the comparative comfort they offer. Let’s face it: as chic as straight-leg cuts are, sometimes they feel slightly restrictive. Baggy jeans, on the other hand, look and feel wholly more relaxed. And then it’s up to you whether you lean into the casual look, or add a dressy flourish to your denim.

You’ll find examples of each below, as well as guidance as to exactly which tops and shoes work best with this trending shape. Scroll on to see the outfits, and prepare to be converted.

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