As a 30-Something Editor, I Feel Seen by These 29 Zara New Arrivals


As someone who peruses Zara’s new arrivals almost daily, I can confidently say that there are tons of chic options available for people of all ages. Zara is one of the few brands I have been consistently shopping at since my early 20s, which was quite some time ago. 

While my style has become more classic in my 30s, I still enjoy experimenting with trends each season, and as we all know, Zara is a great place to do this with its reasonable price points. I’ve been particularly blown away by its recent collection. I keep a close eye on the new arrivals section, in particular, as Zara items tend to fly off the shelves.

So, in case you were wondering what a 30-something fashion editor loves from Zara, here are my picks from the new arrivals. Good luck deciding what to order. I know I need it.

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