It’s Official: Basically Every Perfume I Love Contains This Head-Turning Note


What’s your favourite floral note in a perfume? If most of us were to answer that question, your mind might immediately go to the classics, like rose, jasmine, or vanilla. There’s a perfume note that you might not immediately think of, though, and that’s violet. And, trust me, whenever I’m wearing a perfume with it in, I almost always receive a compliment.

Why? Understated yet encapsulating, in perfume, violets lend a soft sweetness to practically any scent. These flowers are delicate, floral, and have a slightly powdery quality. And because it’s not entirely overwhelming, it’s actually a note that I recommend people seek out in perfumes if they don’t traditionally like floral scents. Violet leaf is also often used in fragrance to add a burst of green brightness for more of a fresh, modern way to wear florals. Basically, violet is endlessly versatile, working with just about every scent combination.

Convinced? Keep reading for the best-smelling violet-tinged fragrances on the market. 

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