It’s True—Geometric Nails Are This Season’s Next Biggest Trend


Like fashion trends, nail trends always come back around. In the early 2010s, geometric nails were everywhere. I distinctly remember being enamoured with Wah! Nails pop-up in Topshop, and being mesmerised by the geometrical nail art designs that they had perfected with such precision. There was something about those graphic squares and abstract negative space triangles that had all of us running to book in for in nail art. Or, if you were like me, fail miserably at recreating the look at home—my unsteady hands could never.

After a long hiatus, I’m here to tell you that geometric nails finally feel fresh again for 2023. So much so, trend experts at Wethrift have spotted that searches for geometric nails are up 243% on Google, while Pinterest searches for the nail art trend are up 89%. It’s also taking TikTok by storm, with the #geometricnails hashtag amassing 1.4 million views. And the celebrities are on board too, with Hailey Bieber’s nail technician, Zola Ganzorigt, creating a monochromatic geometric manicure for Vanessa Hudgens.

The beauty of the trend is that you can go all out with colourful geometric shapes, or give a subtle nod to the trend with more minimalist geometric shapes, whether it’s negative space shapes or just on an accent nail. Plus, the trend lends itself well to any colour palette, looking equally eye-catching in monochrome as it does in bright nail colours. Who knew geometry could be so chic?

If you’re ready to get on board with geometric nail designs, you come to the right place. We’ve found all the best geometric nail art ideas to get you inspired your your next salon visit, plus the products to perfect it at home if you’re DIY’ing.

Proof that black and white are the perfect combination for monochrome geometric nail art.

I love this subtle take on the geometric nail trend, with a minimalist sweep of polish down one half of the nails.

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