Sienna Miller Just Wore the Casual Errands Outfit That I’m Copying This Weekend


There are some age-old styling conundrums that come back around year after year, decade after decade that we still struggle to answer. “What do I wear to a wedding?“, “what do I wear to work?“, and “how do I dress up jeans?” being the most common (and somehow the answer always ends up being a “nice” top), but there is one scenario in particular that I’m almost certain you’ve never asked out loud but have always wanted to know the answer to: “What do I wear to run errands?”

You see, TikTok has attempted to answer the question, and people in their thousands are flocking to see the response. After all, we’re all familiar with the scenario. The weekend rolls around and your to-do list is growing in length, so you need an outfit that is both “throw-on and go” and effortlessly stylish, so what exactly does one wear that will look as good doing a food shop as it will meeting your friends for brunch? Well TikTok, I think I just found the answer, and it comes courtesy of Sienna Miller. 

Most will not be surprised that Sienna has served as our fashionable inspiration yet again. After all, she recently revived the cargo jean, showed us how to take the maxi skirt into evening territory, and set the tone for all bridesmaid dresses this year, but it’s her latest dressed-down look that is ticking all of our boxes. 

Perhaps taking notes from the 2X2 outfit formula (that I promise you, always works,) Sienna’s anti-jeans, pro-tailoring weekend outfit is not only a masterclass in high/low dressing, but is also the perfect outfit to wear with trainers. Maybe it’s the tonal, grey colour palette, maybe it’s the well-cut, boxy blazer, it could even be the relaxed, straight-leg trouser, but something about the combination of all three works, and gives us a laidback outfit that’s incredibly easy to replicate. So, wondering what to wear this week? I’ve reconstructed Sienna’s outfit below, so you can wear it for work, the weekend and everything in between. You can think me later. 

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