I’ve Tried Basically Every Glossier Product—This Is What I Really Think


This chemical exfoliator launched to much fanfare back in January 2018, and I hit “add to cart” after immediately becoming enthralled by all of the magic before-and-after images of real skin. Sadly, my skin did not get on with this product. A 10% blend of alpha-hydroxy acid, beta-hydroxy acid, and poly-hydroxy acid, it promises to remove dead skin cells and reveal the healthy skin beneath, reducing redness, pore size, and blemishes as it goes.

My skin normally responds really well to acids, so I’m not sure why it reacted badly to this product. After a few days of use, I noticed a crop of red under-the-skin bumps appearing. I persisted, cutting down to using it just three times a week, but after almost a month of use, I decided to remove it from my skincare routine due to the rash-like blemishes that continued to appear. Although it didn’t work for me, there are a whole host of glowing reviews online and supporting images from fans of this product. It just wasn’t a skincare match for Solution and me.

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