Sorry, Heels—These 6 Flat-Shoe Trends Are Doing It for Me


Three years ago, most of my outfits centred around heels. My daily wares always err on the casual side, so I had to rely on heels—be they kitten, slingback or platform styles—to give my looks, for lack of a better term, a lift. What can I say? Flat shoes just weren’t my thing. Now, having come out of the other side of lockdown, my tastes have changed across the length and breadth of my wardrobe. My clothes are considerably more timeless than they once were—think quiet luxury with H&MArket and COS in place of Prada, Khaite and The Row. While I still appreciate heels, my footwear sensibilities have shifted too. As it seems the rest of the population is, I’m now completely obsessed with flat shoes.

Having phased out of boots, I’m currently living in flat shoes. Demand for them is at an all-time high, which means the market is suitably saturated with them. If you find yourself in need of some new flat shoes, it’s wise to narrow the offerings down to the trending styles before you make your decision. As a treat, I decided to do the hard work for you by tracking down the flat-shoe trends currently catching the eyes of fashion people.

From the timely update to classic loafers to the pretty slip-on you can wear with jeans and dresses alike, scroll on to discover the six flat-shoe trends to know this season.

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