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In the beauty industry, we’re always looking for the next big thing: the ultimate product that will give us glowing skin, thick, glossy hair and (if at all possible) everlasting youth. For miracle results, many often look to injectables, but my job is to find the alternatives. I’m a true believer that we can have healthy, youthful and radiant skin without seeking the help of costly, invasive treatments—you just need to know which products and supplements to invest in. You’ll be happy to hear that when I find significant results in a short period of time, I certainly don’t gatekeep.

So which brand is currently at the top of my most-loved beauty hot list? Gold Collagen. In 2011, it was the first supplement of its kind to be introduced to the UK. Backed by extensive scientific research and now offering multiple supplement products for different ages and lifestyles, the brand has been making waves in the industry ever since.

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I’ve been taking Gold Collagen’s Pure Plus liquid supplements for just over a month, and the results speak for themselves. I have visibly plumper, glowy skin, and every day, someone mentions how much my hair has grown. I’m also a gel mani addict, so I thought my nails were beyond repair. But since taking the liquid supplements, my nails have felt stronger and less brittle, and they’re growing faster.

I tried this supplement because, since turning 30, I’ve noticed a change in my skin. Whilst there have been some benefits to getting older (less acne, for example), I’ve found an increase in fine lines around my eyes and forehead. I’d heard a lot about liquid collagen from beauty editors at events (and of course in the Who What Wear Beauty Slack channel), but I wanted to see the effects for myself. I’m also getting married this year, and I’m on a mission to make my hair grow as long as possible, so when I heard that the Pure Plus supplements also increase hair growth, trying them was a no-brainer.

We’ve all surely heard the term “collagen” thrown around a lot when discussing beauty. But what is it, and why is it so connected to conversations around age? Collagen is the body’s natural protein. It sits under the skin and gives it its elasticity and firmness. Unfortunately, we lose around 1.5% of our natural collagen per year starting around our mid-20s. By taking the right collagen supplements, you can encourage your body’s natural production of it and therefore reduce the typical signs of ageing, encourage hair growth and improve joint health.

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When I first started taking Pure Plus, I’ll admit I was sceptical because I’m used to applying products to my skin directly, and I struggled to understand how taking a shot of a lovely orange-and peach-flavoured drink could help my skin or hair. However, after doing some research on the different types to take it (there are liquids, powders, capsules and of course, beauty products), I found that liquids actually have the highest rate of absorption, and it’s an easy way to ensure taking the exact dose of what your body needs everyday. Where it differs from others on the market is in its formula, which Gold Collagen attests enhances bioavailability and the absorption rate of the hydrolysed collagen in the body. Also, whilst it reduces signs of ageing, it also boosts immunity as well as your vitamin and mineral intake (a major bonus), without having any gluten, lactose or colouring.

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But enough about the science—let’s get into the results. As you can see from the photos, my skin is slightly brighter and clearer, and my hairline is fuller after just four weeks. Imagine the difference I’d see after three months! Whilst the effects of collagen on the skin can be difficult to see in photos, especially in such a short time frame, the compliments I’ve been receiving are the real telling factor. I’m not trying to give a soft brag here, but in the last week, multiple people have said to me, “You look great. Have you had something done?” This is on top of the many times people have commented on how much my hair has grown.

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If growing your hair is your priority, I would recommend Gold Collagen’s Hairlift formula, which is created specifically for hair health and rapid growth. Because I’ve been taking Pure Plus, I haven’t yet trialed this supplement (aside from sampling the flavour, which has a delicious peach, mango and pineapple taste), but I plan to start this one after I’ve finished Pure Plus for an extra boost in inches ahead of the summer. This liquid supplement should be taken in the morning on an empty stomach. I’ve been taking Pure Plus as soon as I wake up, before my coffee and breakfast. Despite its lovely sweet flavour, it’s actually also preservative and sugar-free, so I didn’t worry about unwanted additives in my system.

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Whilst all the supplements will also help with hydrating your skin, if you have a particular issue with dryness, I suggest the Hyaluronic Formula, which comes in tablet form. These can be taken alongside the drink supplements, but it’s recommended to take them at the other side of the day and with food. These supplements also have twice the amount of moisture-retaining hyaluronic acid than the Pure Gold Collagen series, and will boast your Vitamin C, which is a an antioxidant source. As well as helping your dry or itchy skin, Hyaluronic acid also helps keep tissue moisturised and lubricated, benefiting joints and making your body, essentially, like a well oiled machine. 

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Adding to all this, there are a plethora of Gold Collagen beauty products also on offer that can work alongside the supplements for additional glow, radiance and hydration. I introduced the Night Renewal Serum into my evening routine before a moisturiser and noticed that when I woke up, my skin felt dewier and extra soft. Whenever I had an important event (a friend’s wedding and some birthday celebrations), I tried the Hydrogel Mask the night before, which I can’t recommend enough. Almost like a mini facial, this cooling, hydrating sheet mask left my face feeling perfectly prepped for a day of full makeup, which usually makes my skin break out in spots or dry patches. I got the Lip Volumiser in my stocking at Christmas, and I’ve had it in my handbag ever since! Not only does it keep my lips moisturised, but I’m obsessed with the gold casing—it’s so pretty!

Want to discover the full Gold Collagen range? Check out everything on offer here, or shop it online at Boots.

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