Chris Pine Is Absolutely Amped About His Sandals


Chris Pine catching major air in his Nisolos.

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The lightly viral moment wouldn’t be the last we’d see from Pine or his huaraches. In December of 2022, Pine took the stage at Comic-Con in Sao Paulo again to promote the same film, this time in a powder blue linen suit and a fresh haircut. No high kicks were performed on this leg of the tour, but both huaraches still managed to catch some air, launched by his apparent fervor for the upcoming film.


Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images


Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

Three months later, he wore his beloved huaraches yet again to the Kids’ Choice Awards. On this most wholesome of occasions, Pine sported a pink lemonade suit over a plain tee, sockless and sandaled up, before a good ol’ fashioned sliming. It’s unclear whether his Nisolos survived the incident, but he didn’t seem too bummed about the whole thing.

On a more serious note, Pine was recently spotted in Los Angeles at the picket line in support of the Writers Guild of America. He showed up sporting Ray-Ban shades, a tobacco brown overshirt, and raw denim selvedge jeans cuffed above the ankle, giving way to none other than his Nisolo huaraches—proving that he (and you!) can rock them more casually, too. We can’t tell if he’s got a really good shoe guy who’s managed to eliminate any trace of violent green goo or if they’re a brand new pair—but either way, nothing seems to be getting in between him and his huaraches.

Our boy switches it up just to keep us on our toes.

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In a brief lapse of continuity, Pine was also spotted in a different sandals in Mexico City. He clearly couldn’t stray too far away from his favorite silhouette, though, because these were still made of woven leather and also still from Nisolo. The guy likes what he likes!

Practically speaking, huaraches aren’t just great summer shoes: they’re an easy fix to a host of head-scratching sartorial problems. They’re not as casual as sneakers, but they’re way more comfortable than loafers thanks to their breathable uppers and cushy crepe soles. They’re the kind of shoes that say you regularly vacation on the Amalfi coast—and you fly there first class. 

How much do these easy-wearing  slip-ons cost? A mere $150. As Pine, no stranger to a shoestring-budget indie production, well knows, you don’t always have to go full rich-guy to ape his style. 

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