Editors and Stylists Agree: This Might Be the Best Haircare Brand of All Time


For as long as I can remember, the hair salon has been my happy place. (Except for that one time when a colourist nearly bleached every last hair off my head, but that’s a whole other story. I digress!)

After graduating from kid’s hair sometime in my early elementary years, my glamorous mama finally allowed me to tag along to her fancy-schmancy salon appointments. I’d eagerly perch atop a leather-bound swivel chair and proceed—probably quite creepily—to stare her and her stylist down for the full two hours it took for signature colour and cut. I loved everything about being at the salon—the buzz, the energy, the before-and-afters, the posh decor, and, last but not least, the heavenly scented bottles of beautifully packaged hair products lining the walls.

Eventually, my mum allowed me to get baby highlights (this was the era when zebra-esque streaks were the cool thing to do), and so began my obsession with getting my hair done. Twenty years later, the salon experience feels just as magical to me, and ever since I started going, I’m pretty sure I’ve seen Oribe’s stunning collection of products displayed at quite literally every salon I’ve visited. 

There’s a reason celebrities, professional hairstylists, and editors fawn over the brand. For one, it’s amazing, and while I’m not a gambling type of gal, I’d bet a full paycheck you’d fall head over heels for any of Oribe’s crème de la crème hair potions suited to your hair type and texture. What’s more, unlike most luxury haircare brands on the market, every new launch seems to be better, and more ingeniously formulated, than the last. I swear, it’s like some kind of witchcraft.

Since Oribe is known as one of the most premier haircare brands in the business, we’re often asked as editors which products are the best or most “worth the splurge.” (Because yes, each stunning bottle is, indeed, an investment!) That being said, what works for me and my hair won’t necessarily work for you, and the same goes for my fellow WWW beauty editor Courtney Higgs. So I decided to reach out to Oribe HQ directly to get the brand’s best-of-the-best picks. Out of all of Oribe’s amazing offerings, the pros at Oribe HQ (plus the celebrity hairstylists they work with) are sharing their all-time favorite formulas below. Keep scrolling! 

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