These COS Trousers Are So Popular, I Don’t Understand How They’re Still in Stock


It all started last spring when COS introduced a pair of beige wide-leg trousers that filled the gap in our wardrobes created by the phenomenon that was The Row’s pleat-front Phoebe pants. From Kendall Jenner to Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, many über-minimalists couldn’t resist their pared-back, timeless charm. At a cool £1420, these exact trousers understandably didn’t make their way into the wardrobes of our editors or anyone we know. Although there is a huge difference between a well-cut pair of trousers and an ill-fitting pair (not to mention the fabrics and finishes used), the style itself—a simple, roomy leg with a high waist—wasn’t unusual or different and could be traced back easily to slacks from the ’90s, ’80s and even ’30s. In fact, 1932 was dubbed The Year of Wearing Trousers, and the exact same silhouette led the pack then. To say this is a timeless and worthwhile investment is an understatement, but to be able to take part in said investment for something more around the £100 mark is certainly preferable.

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