I Recommend These Products for Rosacea More Than Any Others


Rose Gallagher is a London-based makeup artist, podcast host and one of the loveliest people in the beauty industry. Rose also happens to have been diagnosed with rosacea—two types, in fact—and uses her social platform as a place to share images of her real skin and product recommendations to others who are dealing with the same diagnosis. Below, hear from Rose directly on how she’s learning to embrace living with redness as well as her favourite rosacea products.

A couple of years back, I was diagnosed with two different types of rosacea. What does that mean? Even when I’m completely sensible with my diet, skincare, sleep—you name it—I’m always going to have a red face. Since making this discovery, I’ve made a conscious effort to share before-and-after makeup photos on my Instagram page as much as possible. I think we’ve become so desensitised to the airbrushed, filtered photos we see on a daily basis that it can be easy to think there’s something wrong if we see a little redness in the mirror. The reality, however, is that rosacea is a relatively common skin condition and you aren’t a martian from outer space if you have it.

I’m not going to lie: Having redness in my skin is distracting and makes me feel self-conscious. And when you put yourself out there online? It’s amazing how many opinions people enjoy sharing with you. I had a message from a well-meaning lady the other day who told me it “pained” her to see my “lovely face” looking so red. Seriously. Being on this journey has inspired me to change the conversation around rosacea and make it a normal talking point. It also got me thinking about other people in the beauty industry who are inspiring positive changes. The result was my podcast, Beauty From the Heart—a series where I share the stories of some of the most inspiring people in the beauty industry.

If you have rosacea, then let’s be honest: Your redness is likely to always be there. But the good news is that there are things we can do to calm it or cover it, should you wish. I always tell myself and others to try your best to accept it and think of it as just another thing that makes you, well, you! Whether you wish to go totally makeup-free or like me, you feel more confident with coverage, here are some of the products that I swear by since being diagnosed with rosacea.

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