The Chic Summer Sandals Fashion Minimalists Have Been Buying for 22 Years


When it comes to wardrobe staples, objectively only a few items really fit the bill. Yes, of course, a white shirt, a black blazer, and a pair of true blue straight-leg jeans all make the cut. But shoes? They can be much more subjective. While some might argue a classic black court shoe is a must-have, others might believe that it’s a pair of ankle boots. What I’m saying is that it’s harder to choose as shoes (and bags) are quite often the pieces you add to your white shirt or black dress to show off your style and personality. But what if I told you there’s a pair of sandals that really is a wardrobe staple. Some might even call it an iconic piece of footwear. And the shoes in question? Hermès Oran Sandals. 

The sandals created in 1997 by shoe designer Pierre Hardy, are such a simple design. The one and only strap is fashioned into an unmistakable “H” and is clearly an ode to the fashion house’s name. It’s such an elegant way to brand the shoes yet they’re far from being ostentatious (hello, quiet luxury). It’s what makes them ideal for wearing with pretty much anything in your closet. Even better, they come in classic colours from the ever-popular tan to white and black. While even the cheapest versions start at £490, they last years. If you were to own them for five years and wore them for at least two months a year (knock a month of summer off for the UK weather), the cost per wear would be less than your daily oat milk latte, and that makes perfect sense. 

Although I’m not suggesting that you shouldn’t take a moment to consider such a big purchase, to prove exactly how versatile and how much these sandals deserve the wardrobe staple label, I’ve looked to the Instagrammers who are lovers of more classic looks and who wear these sandals regularly. These influencers are all fans of more pared-back styles and elevated basics and each one wears the sandals often and with various different outfits. Keep scrolling to see those looks as well as  the sandals to shop right now. 

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