53 Best Father’s Day Gifts for All the Impossible-to-Shop-For Dads Out There in 2023


If you haven’t mentally logged it yet, Father’s Day is June 18th. The clock is ticking, especially since the best Father’s Day gifts are harder to come by than anyone cares to admit. Sadly, too many dads will unwrap whiskey stones or a tacky novelty tie this year (as is the case every year). But we’ve been at this “finding gifts for men” thing for a minute, while also testing products day-in and day-out. In the process, we’ve turned up 53 (!) thoughtful gifts for fathers of all types and vibes—DIY dads, grilling dads, golfer dads, foodie dads—and we’re certain that something in here will have you covered, whether you’re shopping for your own dad, your husband, your father figure, your partner, or…yourself. (Like we said, some dads are out here taking the reins for themselves.) Maybe it’s his first Father’s Day, maybe it’s his fiftieth. Whatever the case, there’s plenty of good ideas on the list below to make a dad or two in your life very happy. Here are 53 of the best Father’s Day gifts out there.

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  • Chanel Bleu De Chanel eau de toilette

    The old man needs a scent that doesn’t scream: “I’m an old man.” Bleu De Chanel is, arguably, the best fragrance to come out in recent memory and it’ll have everyone asking him how the hell he smells so damn good.

  • Lululemon ABC pants

    When he says he’s going to grab his “stretchy pants,” you can breathe a sigh of relief knowing he’s going to grab his Lulus.

  • Parachute percale venice sheet set

    Do you know why dads are always napping wherever they go? Because they don’t have a good enough set of bed sheets to give them the good night’s rest that they deserve.

  • Trade coffee subscription (3 bags)

    From Folger’s fiend to coffee snob in one cup or less.

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