The Best Men’s Linen Shorts Are a Feast for Your Eyes and a Treat for Your Thighs


When summer’s really doing its thing and the temperature’s are cranked to a broil, the right pair of linen shorts will be the only layer keeping you from completely melting away. Wearing any pair of billowy bottoms should feel like cracking open a window and letting the breeze waft through. But linen shorts are more like a walk-in fridge for your thighs, an A/C-chilled microclimate that offers some much-needed respite from those brutal July days. If the linen shorts you’re picturing right now resemble grain sack with pockets, we get it. But the supremely chill versions we’re talking about here have evolved beyond their stale origins. Nowadays, they come in more shades than barley and with the type of wild-style prints and embellishments that’ll help you thrive—not just survive—the swelter. Whether you’re after a certified short-short, a baggy-ass cargo short, or a neon-soaked Bermuda short, there’s a silhouette worthy of a spot in your rotation. These are our favorites.

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  • NN07 Crown 1196 linen shorts

    Introducing: the Platonic ideal of linen shorts!

  • La Paz Pestana linen drawstring shorts

    Toss on a patterned camp shirt and classic white sneakers and you’ll immediately find yourself in the 90th percentile for summer style.

  • Kiko Kostadinov: Kreuk shorts

    We aren’t saying that the five-inch inseam is dead, but we are saying that super long shorts are thriving right now.

  • Banana Republic BR ARCHIVES linen-cotton Explorer short

    If you haven’t heard, Gurkha shorts are flying off the shelves. This heritage-inspired version from the now-cool Banana Republic is about as perfect as it gets.

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