The Limited-Edition GQ Fragrance Box Comes With Four Exquisite Summer Scents


Phantom’s gleaming bottle feels destined to become a collector’s item, but the formula it houses is no slouch: the smash-hit scent blends top notes of lavender with lemon and vetiver, a fresh, invigorating combination designed for everyday use. That it comes wrapped in an objet worthy of Drake’s bathroom is really just a perk. (Retail value: $80)

Panama Jack Ocean Vibes Unisex Spray (100 ml)

Panama Jack is a relative newcomer in the fragrance arena, but its Ocean Vibes spray is a sleeper contender for scent of the summer. Turns out, all it takes to replicate that telltale back-from-the-beach feeling is a twist of lemon and bergamot, a dash of seagrass and waterlily, and just a hint of patchouli. (Retail value: $44)

The Phluid Project Intention Travel Spray (10 ml)

The Phluid Project’s sleek travel spray sure looks clinical, but it smells anything but. The fruity EDP blends notes of mandarin, jasmine, and cedar, a warm combination intensified by your body’s natural heat. (Retail value: $20)

Elorea The Elements Discovery Set (2 ml each)

Indie fragrance darling Elorea is based in Korea, but its signature collection takes inspiration from the four elements familiar to everyone from Seoul to Seattle: earth, air, fire, and water. Each scent boasts a distinct profile tied to its element—earth is woody, air is floral, fire is warm, and water is fresh. It’s been a while since we rewatched Avatar: The Last Airbender, but we bet Aang smelled fantastic. (Retail value: $30)

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