19 Best Father’s Day Golf Gifts 2023: Big-Swinging Gifts for the Man Who Taught You to Swing Big


If your old man looks forward to tee time as much as you do, the best Father’s Day golf gifts are a sure bet. Short of scoring tickets to The Masters (here’s your friendly reminder to enter the 2023 raffle, by the way), there’s few better gifts than the ones we’ve rounded up here—from big-swinging, tech-packed drivers to 36-hole-ready shoes to shirts that’ll finally convince him to give up those giant-fit poly-blend abominations he’s been rocking since he was swinging a 3 wood made of, well, actual wood. Some of these picks—the best Father’s Day golf gifts around—are so damn good you might want to double-down and grab ‘em for yourself. Which is kind of the point. Because the actual best gift you can give your golf nut dad starts with paying his cart fees and letting him win a few holes, and ends with demonstrating once and for all that the student has become the master.

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  • Bushnell Golf Tour V5 rangefinder

    Help him get dialed in with the industry’s foremost range finder…and then make sure it goes missing the next time you bet him on closest to the pin.

  • Cobra Aerojet LS driver

    Cobra’s Aerojet driver is a fairway-finding weapon, tricked out with all of the latest tech from one of the game’s premier manufacturers. Once he unwraps this, he’s officially out of excuses for his slice.

  • Metalwood “Hacker” open collar shirt

    The silky-smooth shirt he needs to work on his silky-smooth swing.

  • Todd Snyder x Footjoy Le Premiere Series “Wilcox” shoes

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