51 Best Graduation Gift Ideas for Every Level of Academia in 2023: Travel, Home, and Tech Upgrades


The best graduation gift ideas for every kind of graduate are nice enough to help usher them into their next phase of life, realistic to their needs, and ideally something slightly beyond the grasp of a cash-strapped student’s budget. Amazon or Ikea gift cards and wads of cash will never cease to be great gifts for the new grad you don’t want to shoehorn with personalized jewelry or a tie. And yet, it never hurts to turn up to a graduation party with something physical that you’ve thought out.

For grad gifts, now’s the time to shell out for an elevated version of something they need, like new linens and tech accessories, or some high-quality life investment that they may never have considered, like a souped-up steamer or charging device that they can pack up and carry from place to place. Celebratory niceties and life-enhancing subscriptions are also well-deserved for any graduate, especially if they’ve been footing the bill for student loans.

Here, we’ve assembled some of the best graduation gift ideas for everyone on your list, whether they’re leaving the nest after their high school graduation, a recent college grad who’s heading into the real world or back into school, or perhaps just toiled their way through a secondary degree—from travel essentials for post-grad gap years to useful home and cooking tools that can upgrade any dorm room or sad first sublet.

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  • HAY tavern glass set of six

    An absurdly good deal on one set of chunky, durable glasses that even the most hamfisted college students (or recent grads) can use to serve beers, wine, or mixed drinks.

  • Baggu packing cube set

    Oh, the places they’ll go!

  • ‘Cooking at Home: Or, How I Learned to Stop Worrying About Recipes (And Love My Microwave),’ by David Chang and Priya Krishna

    Even big time chefs like David Chang embrace the microwave lifestyle. With this, they’ll know how to actually use it to their best advantage without getting scurvy by the end of the first semester.

  • Clear 6-month gift subscription

    It’s less anxiety for everyone involved that has to drop them off at the airport dangerously close to their boar

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