Every Time I Wear One of These 17 Fragrances, Somebody Copies Me


Ask anyone who knows me, and I’m sure they will all agree that I am what many would consider to be an oversharer. Whether it be information, feelings or material goods, I firmly believe in the old saying, What’s mine is yours. And while this mentality certainly has its pros and cons, it is a personality trait so deeply ingrained in my psyche that I apply it to every aspect of my life, except for one particular topic: I do not share when it comes to fragrance.

And I’m not just talking about letting people have a spritz of my perfume. (Although, that is also firmly off the table.) I’m talking about sharing anything to do with it whatsoever. When asked what perfume I am wearing, I try to lie whenever I can. When someone asks me for perfume recommendations, I almost always recommend a perfume that I don’t wear myself. The reason for such pettiness, you ask? I want to keep special perfumes all to myself.

I know what you must be thinking: Isn’t it your job as a beauty editor to share perfume insights and recommendations? Yes, it is, but there’s something a whole lot easier about sharing such things with people I don’t know on a personal level. My biggest fragrance fear, after all, is turning up to an event wearing the same perfume as somebody I know.

This complex that I have with fragrance is a real nuisance, especially considering that my favourite group of perfumes tends to be the one that people copy the most. There’s something about the subtle and comforting nature of musk fragrances that draws people in like magnets. So much so, in fact, that whenever I wear one of my favourite musk scents, I can basically guarantee that someone will copy it.

This is very annoying for me. You see, musk fragrances are by far my most-worn thanks to their clean, subtle, fresh, warm and skin-like nature. In my opinion, it’s impossible not to love a great musk fragrance. They’re so likeable that I ran out of lies long ago for when someone asks after my musk perfume. Now, through gritted teeth, I simply have to tell them the truth. And that truth is I’m likely wearing one of the below perfumes.

So before I change my mind on this, keep scrolling to shop the 17 best and most desirable musk fragrances that money can buy.

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