Linen Trousers Are Everywhere—6 Outfits Tempting Me to Buy a Pair This Summer


No one wants FOMO, be it for a night out, a festival, a gig or an item of clothing, and I can’t help but feel that I’ve been missing out on linen trousers for so many of my summers. The thing is, my steamer is my best friend, I use it daily, and I take it on every single trip (even travelling around South East Asia). I steam everything before I wear it to keep the creases at bay. So the idea of linen trousers that crease easily freaks me out. That was until I saw so many of my favourite influencers wearing a pair, and I soon realised embracing creases is all part of the laid-back summer vibe.

The fact is, you can invest in a pair of linen-mix trousers that won’t crease as much as their pure-linen counterparts. And while I always think of these particular trousers as being semi see-through white pairs, there are so many more options, including black and pastel shades, so this might be the summer that I finally commit to the linen trouser trend. Considering I’ve never worn any, I’m relying on Instagram to give me some tips on how they look best. So whether you style them with a swimsuit, bandeau top, matching shirt or going-out top, these are six ways to style linen trousers that I’m considering this summer. I can’t wait to try them all out (creases and all). 

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