Andrew Garfield Keeps Wearing This Polo Shirt. Here’s Where To Buy It


When in Rome, wear a Percival polo. At least, that’s what Andrew Garfield did back in July of last year. Striding the cobbled streets en route to Valentino’s “The Beginning” AW23 show, Garfield was spotted layering Percival’s Piccante knit polo over a ribbed knit vest in a sharp, sun-soaked image of classic Italiano style.

Garfield is by no means the first celeb to back the London-based brand, but his support for Percival comes off of the back of Chris Evans wearing the Impressionist polo on the red carpet last summer, Paul Mescal taking his pick to the Cartier Style Et Luxe At The Goodwood Festival Of Speed, Michael B. Jordan packing Percival for his press junkets, and even the Rock repping the brand on his grid. But why? If you ask us, it’s the simple sharpness of the label that’s resulted in its being donned by the biggest dons in menswear. It’s fuss-free, clean, and sharp. That, and its comparative affordability to those labels the stars typically reach for means it can easily be also placed in the collections of us mere mortals. A win-win.

After flying off of the online shelves last summer faster than you can say “Aperol spritz”, Garfield’s ‘Casa Piccante’ shirt is back, freshly done out in three muted colorways: a timeless navy, a saturated rust orange, and, his own favorite, forest green.

Percival Casa Piccante Shirt

Percival Casa Piccante Shirt

Percival Casa Piccante Shirt

With that in mind, if it’s styling tips you’re looking for, then call off the search. For a more formal outing, we’d suggest letting the ‘Piccante’ poke out from behind a navy linen suit or tucked neatly into pressed, tailored pants and accessorized with a silver chain necklace. For something more casual? That’s easy. Just take a look at the Garf: slip on some khaki-hued chinos (pressed, ideally) and a pair of Gucci x Adidas Gazelles, and you’re ready for your stroll through the backstreets of Milan…or your local beer garden—whatever’s nearest.

Adidas X Gucci Gazelle sneakers

This story was originally published on British GQ with the headline, “Fear not, Andrew Garfield’s razor-sharp Percival polo has finally been restocked”.

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