Audemars Piguet and Marvel Just Dropped a Spider-Man Watch Worth $6.2 Million


Three weeks later, in Los Angeles, Cheadle goes along with Bennahmias to the meeting. They enter the room in Marvel Studios with six characters already planned, and the lawyer in charge of all the deals turned out to be French.

“It couldn’t have been better for this reason. Don reopened the door for us, but it’s such a perfectly organised crime, in the sense that Marvel knows years in advance which movie they’re going to come out with so we were able to work around that.”

What makes this Audemars Piguet x Spider-Man special?

Third party,Audemars Piguet

Spider-Man on a watch dial is not a new thing. Indeed, you can pick up a Spider-Man Swatch Flik Flak for under $100, but this AP version isn’t just a printed character on the dial. “No matter what we do, and as fun as it could be, we’re always going to make extra efforts to make our watches true to who we are and what we stand for as far as craftsmanship goes mixed with the finest materials and complexity,” Bennahmias says.

Spidey, appearing in three-dimensional form as if suspended in the void through the sapphire crystal, is made of white gold which has been laser, hand, and all kinds of engraved to look this good. The matte red and metallic blue offer shadows and contrasts to give the illusion of Andrew Garfield/Tom Holland/Tobey Maguire features.

It took just over two days’ work to whip up these white gold figurines alone, and in total the Spider-Man pieces took twice as much time to make as the Black Panthers. That’s largely down to the fact that a skeletonized movement was used to create the suspended Spidey effect. Indeed, aside from the superhero each watch features, the biggest difference between the Marvel APs is the movements. For Spider-Man, the mechanism comes from the latest Code 11:59. “As well as working on improving the visibility and readability, we wanted to give a much more 3D effect for the character. We stripped as many things as possible to keep the character almost floating in the watch,” says Bennahmias.

Why is it a Royal Oak Concept Tourbillon?

Third party,Audemars Piguet

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