I Never Thought This “Dated” Skirt Would Return—Now It’s All I Want to Wear


One of the exciting parts of my job is watching moving trends. Sometimes they are revivals of eras past, other times they’re so chic we can’t understand how we previously lived without them (I’m looking at you, tailoring outside of the office). Right now, I’ve been patiently watching the biggest trouser trend of the season, cargo trousers, grow and develop into the much-adored cargo skirt trend. And it’s everything I hoped for, and more. 

Let me take you back for a minute, way back to the early 00’s. You’ve just fed your Tamagotchi, Destiny’s Child is playing on your HitClip (IYKYK) and you’ve pulled on your favourite cargo skirt. If you were anything like my best friend and I, you wore matching styles in different colours, which featured long tassels to add a touch of drama to each step. Fast-forward to 2023, and the cargo trouser return was upon us, but with a much cooler edge. We watched as the classic cargo melded and transformed from typical design, to hybrid versions that embraced tailoring details, and eventually, the cargo skirt came to the fore, and now has declared itself as the skirt of the summer. 

Mini, midi, maxi, denim—the cargo skirt has returned in various compositions to allow all to embrace it, no matter your personal style. What adds to the appeal, alongside the nostalgia, is the ease of styling. It takes very little to make the cargo skirt feel fresh, with a simple tank top being a favourite amongst many of our fashion friends. Also, there’s no need to fret about what footwear goes best, with cargo skirts pairing seamlessly with everything from flipflops to mules to boots and loafers. Truly, it’s a wear-everywhere style. To prove just how versatile the cargo skirt is, and how to style it for summer, you’ll find some of our fashion fashion friends sporting theirs below, plus a selection of our favourite cargo skirts to invest in now.

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