I’m a Plus-Size Fashion Expert—These Are My 3 Summer Wardrobe Staples


When it comes to swimwear, I never stick to one style. For the sake of your tan lines and for your comfort, I think it’s always important to pack around three different variations. I find myself wearing smaller and smaller bikinis as the summer or my holiday goes on, as I become used to showing more skin, and I ultimately only care about levelling out my tan lines (sensibly with plenty of SPF, of course). 

My new brand obsession is Youswim, a UK-made swimwear brand that creates pieces in two very flexible sizes covering UK 6 to UK 28. This year, Youswim has added Stretch II to its size range. This is the larger of its two sizes, which now means people up to a size UK 28 can wear the designs. The brand also stated that it’s continuing to work on more fits and sizes, so I’m hopeful we’ll see further increases in the range. I have a couple of the brand’s bikinis, and they’re so soft and comfortable. I highly recommend!

A triangle bikini is a staple, and I wholeheartedly believe, no matter what size or shape you are, you can wear as teeny a bikini as you want to. One of my favourite brands for a triangle set is We Are We Wear, another UK-based brand founded by two women that I used to work with on the design team at ASOS. Founder Natalie has specialised in lingerie and swim design for over a decade so really knows her stuff. They’re passionate about making their brand more and more inclusive, stocking sizes XS to 3XL (UK 4 to UK 30) and working towards genderless silhouettes. 

If you’re looking for swimwear with more coverage and support for swimming in, I would suggest trying out Fabletics. The brand has pieces in sizes XXS to 4XL (a UK 4 to a UK 28-30). I love the look of the higher neckline, zip-front bikini tops and swim shorts, especially for when I’m swimming in my local sea pool in Margate. 

Another brand shout-out goes to Alpine Butterfly Swim. It’s a US-based luxury swimwear brand, and its quality is incredible! It designs really fun styles of swimwear and cover-ups that are unlike what I’ve seen before available in this size range. The brand offers sizes XS to 6XL, which equates to a UK 4 to UK 42. 

Just before I share my swimwear selection, I need to share my favourite bikini hack. If, like myself, you have a flatter bum but a bigger belly, wear your bikini bottoms back to front. This gives you more coverage at the front and a little cheekier bit of less coverage on your bum. I pretty much do this every time I wear a bikini now, but of course, you can always switch it back around for a different fit. It’s just great to have more options from one garment. 

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