Mark Wahlberg Gave Up His Own Tequila Brand for Lent


What’s the movie?

It’s called Our Guy from Jersey, with Halle Berry. She’s amazing—you oughta see her—her program’s impressive. I don’t even try to compete, Halle’s in a league of her own.

What’s your weekly workout schedule look like?

Workouts? Well, on a daily basis I cold plunge. In a perfect world you would cold plunge before the workout, but it’s so darn cold that I haven’t mastered the cold plunge yet. But I’m working out Sunday, Monday, Tuesday—rest Wednesday. The work out Thursday, Friday and rest on Saturday. Repeat.

I actually got a nap today, which is very rare. I don’t normally nap—I’ll nap if I’m shooting a movie because I have a lot of downtime thanks to shots and setups and things like that.

Do you meditate?

I don’t meditate, but I pray. I’m always kind of in my own head, so I’m a deep thinker, but meditation, no, not really. Breathing exercises? I’ve been trying to get into that. I’m following this new philosophy about just: well, once you get to 50, it’s about OK, well how much longer can you actually be around?

Well, it doesn’t seem possible that you’re 50.

Well, I feel 60.

You also have four teenagers. Are you a strict dad?

Well, my oldest daughter now, she doesn’t care. She’s off at college and she feels like she can do what she wants because she’s an adult… until it comes down to threatening her financial support and then she listens a little bit. The rules apply a little bit again, but only in that regard.

And then my youngest daughter, thankfully she’s just in love with her horses.

This is a little off topic, but I just wondered—you often play an intimidating guy in movies— who’s been the most fun person to be mean to?

To be mean to? Will Ferrell. He loves it. Working with Will we just laugh every day and he just genuinely likes to make people laugh. His comedy comes from a nice place and he’s a sweet, sweet guy. And so, to give him crap? I remember even in promoting the movie we had lots of fun.

Would you ever want to do a comedy that has you in more of a stand-up comedian-style role?

I got enough jobs already, but I practice in private. I make fun of everybody and everybody makes fun of me. All my friends in our group —we all kind of give each other a tough time. If you’re taking yourself too seriously, you’re not gonna like it, but if you’re able to laugh at yourself and somebody gets a good one on you, then that’s par for the course.

So how did you meet Aron and Abraham from Flecha and end up getting involved?

Well, people wanted a celebrity to be involved, and I didn’t want to get involved in the spirits space until I realized what they created and more importantly, who created it. I was really really impressed with Aron and Abe’s stories and what they did to overcome the obstacles that they faced. You know, I thought I had it difficult and then I realized, well, my life was pretty darn easy considering what they had to overcome.

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