So, You Want the Sold-Out Birkenstock Bostons? Try These Lookalike Shoes Instead


For weeks, if not months, I’ve been desperately searching for a pair of Birkenstock Boston clogs 1) in the colour way I want and 2) in my size, and I’m willing to bet I’m not the only one who is come up short. It’s indisputable—flat shoes are having a moment right now and Birkenstock Bostons are arguably the most in-demand style of the season. Versatile and timeless, they’ve long had a place in the hearts of fashion people, who wear them with everything from simple jeans-and-t-shirt outfit pairings to breezy throw-on dresses. With their open back but closed toe, if you ask me, they’re the perfect shoe for the British summertime, as we all know the weather can’t always be relied upon. Specific variations (the Tobacco tone in particular) have sold out across the board and restocks are few and far between. Tired of waiting, I decided it was time to consider some Birkenstock Boston dupes. 

I would always advocate buying the original of any trending item but I have to acknowledge the fact that, sitting anywhere between £95 and £125, Birkenstock Bostons aren’t affordable for everyone. Even if the price point doesn’t set you back, that’s not to say we should disregard the other flat suede clogs on the market, of which there are many elevated options in circulation. So, whether you’re looking for the closest lookalike or simply want to see other stylish options, I’ve assembled an edit of the best Birkenstock Boston dupes just for you. 

From Boston homages at M&S, Mango, Zara and Bershka to refined takes on the suede clog silhouette at Jigsaw, Studio Nicholson and Me+Em, below you’ll find yourself in flat-shoe heaven. What’s more, I’ve also included any Birkenstock Bostons I could find in stock. You’re not going to want to pause on those. 

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