I Tried Augustinus Bader’s £270 Retinol For 6 Weeks—These Are My Honest Thoughts


And I’m inclined to agree with the brand on its impressive consumer and clinical trials. As someone with sensitive skin and past eczema flare-ups, I’m quite particular with the skincare products I choose to test. I’m pleased to report that I experienced zero irritation while using this, which is quite unusual for me. It’s encouraged by skin experts to gradually build up your retinol usage, especially if you are new to using any retinoids in your routine. I have already been using Medik8’s Crystal Retinal Serum (another of my favourites) over the past couple of months, so I opted to use The Retinol Serum three times a week, applying it as part of my evening skincare routine. I did pause using it for a couple of days when I went abroad, making sure I diligently applied my SPF before picking back where I left off for the remaining two weeks of testing.

Over the course of the six weeks of testing, I have noticed that my complexion has become more even-toned, my pigmentation from hormonal acne breakouts swiftly departed after just a few days of use, and my skin now has bucket-loads more radiance. In fact, I’ve since had a few compliments on my skin recently, which feels like further confirmation that this serum really is working. The fine lines on my forehead have also softened, and my skin texture in general looks much smoother. As such, I’m less inclined to wear foundation and feel that skin tints or just concealer are enough to cover any areas of concern.

Honestly, I really, really love this retinol serum and the results it has achieved for my skin. But the price tag? Not so much. It would be remiss of me to not mention that if it weren’t for my job as a beauty editor, I would never be able to justify spending this much on a retinol—or any skincare product, for that matter. But, if money were no object, or I wanted to splurge, I would absolutely purchase it. I know my skin and I will miss using it when it does run out. If you’re looking for some more affordable retinoid options, however, I’ve rounded up some more bank-account friendly ones below that beauty editors love too.

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