I’m Picky When It Comes to Event Dressing, But These 5 Pieces Have Wowed Me


Do you follow Andrea Cheong on Instagram or TikTok? If you don’t, you should! She has become the trusted and approachable authority in an arena that many find daunting to step into—sustainable fashion. On her platforms, Andrea breaks sustainable shopping down into bite-size pieces of information one can easily digest and use for more sensible shopping tactics in the future. With her wealth of knowledge and very good taste, it’s no wonder we had to knock on her virtual door. In this month’s column, she shares with us her top tips for buying jewellery. Read on to discover what she has to say…

For perhaps the first time in fashion history, women are consciously considering alternative options to buying new when it comes to thinking about what to wear to occasions like a wedding. The plethora of rental services that have popped up over the last few years, the allure of shopping preloved (I absolutely love going on a hunt for a vintage designer piece and wearing it with something I already own), and even good old-fashioned borrowing from a friend’s wardrobe has made shopping for a single event feel really outdated.

That’s not to say that there’s no reason for it at all. I ask myself three questions when I shop new, to make sure that that a piece isn’t a one and done kind of deal. Firstly, is this something that could be circular? If you haven’t opted for a rental for example, is it something that could be rented out after you’ve worn it? Could it even be resold at some point?

Secondly, and related to that point, is it made of a natural material? Exceptions can be made for occasionwear depending on the piece, but as a general rule of thumb, natural is best as it leaves less of a negative impact once it no longer has a use and it’s far more comfortable (and less sweaty). Thirdly, is the item actually worth its price? Is it made well enough that it will last through a few years worth of wear? As we’ve seen time and time again, so many gorgeous garments inspire us to get that cost per wear but it simply wasn’t designed to fulfil the best of our intentions.

So, this month I’m putting my money where my mouth is and have rounded up the five wedding guest outfits that I feel tick those boxes and most importantly, are as lovely on the inside as they look in photos. Scroll on to discover my picks. 

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