Kosas Has Finally Arrived In the UK—These Are the 7 Products I’d Truly Recommend


Whether it was via a viral Tik Tok, online or the GRWM of a self-confessed celeb obsession—I’m looking at you, Hailey Bieber—I’m pretty sure you’ve seen something pop up about Kosas in the last few months. Positioned as “clean makeup for skincare freaks”, the brand prides itself on creating products that are lightweight, comfortable to wear, suitable for all skin types and contain active ingredients that actually benefit the area you’re applying them to. For instance, the brow gel contains castor oil to help the hair grow and the powder harnesses the benefits of Chinese peony to detoxify the skin. We’re off to a strong start, right?

Founded in 2015 by multi-talented LA artist Sheena Yaitanes, Kosas finally launched into the UK in March and has already caused quite a stir in the industry. From the plumping foundation, brightening concealer and highly-pigmented lipgloss to the spray-on serum, nourishing deodorant and exfoliating body wash, you’d struggle to find a beauty editor who doesn’t now consider at least one of the products to be a regular in their routine. Not to mention the fact that Kosas has long established itself in the beauty kits of Gwyneth Paltrow and Drew Barrymore to name a few.

The Kosas goodies I took away at the launch event.

For me personally? After taking away an edit of bestsellers and icons at the launch event I can safely say seven—yes, seven—have become day-to-day staples in my makeup bag. I love how easy they are to apply, how natural they look and how buildable and bendable the formulas are. If I had to pick a favourite from the entire line up that I’d urge you all to try, it would be the Revealer Super Creamy + Brightening Concealer. Not only is it amazing at brightening the under eye area, it also makes light work of covering redness and blemishes without settling into fine lines or looking heavy. I tried it on my mum who has more mature skin and she also loved it. 

Wearing a full face of Kosas beauty.

Keep scrolling for my seven favourite and best Kosas products, including that now iconic concealer, as well as a few I can’t wait to get my hands on.

1. Plump and Juicy Vegan Collagen Spray-On Serum

Kosas Plump and Juicy Vegan Collagen Spray-On Serum 100ml

When it gets to spring/summer, I tend to reduce the amount of skincare products I use on my face as I have pretty oily skin. In the morning I’d usually only use a vitamin C serum and SPF but since this easy-to-use spray serum has come into my life it’s been a lightweight yet super hydrating addition and my first step post cleanse. It’s packed with goodness—think hyaluronic acid, plant-probiotics and amino acids—and makes my skin look squish-worthy. 

2. Revealer Skin Improving Foundation

Kosas Revealer Skin Improving Foundation

Aside from the fact I may have baked a little too long in fake tan last night, I hope you’ll agree that my face has a healthy-looking glow in the picture above. I credit the serum and this second skin foundation, which contains a ton of skin-loving ingredients such as niacinamide, caffeine and squalane. If you like a medium-to-heavy coverage, you can easily build it up without it looking cakey. 

3. Revealer Super Creamy + Brightening Concealer

Kosas Kosas Revealer Super Creamy + Brightening Concealer

Ah, my favourite product and the one Hailey Bieber used in her GRWM. My top tip for application would be to apply a small amount under the tear troughs and the outer corner of the under eye, allow the product to sit for a couple of minutes and then blend it out with a mini sponge.

4. Cloud Set Baked Setting & Smoothing Powder

Kosas Cloud Set Baked Setting & Smoothing Powder

Like a filter for your skin IRL, it smoothes the skin and instantly takes down excess oil and shine without looking chalky or dry. I use a fine tip powder brush and lightly dust it across my T Zone. 

5. Air Brow Tinted Volumizing Treatment Gel

Kosas Kosas Air Brow Tinted Volumizing Treatment Gel

The mousse-like gel sets my brows in place while coating with a hint of colour (again, refer to the picture above to admire the full and feathery result.) As mentioned earlier, the formula is boosted with actives to support hair health and growth which I think is an absolute touch.

Kosas Wet Lip Oil Gloss

Kosas is looking out for us again with this lip-loving gloss, which contains avocado oil, hyaluronic acid, peptides, shea butter and konjac root. I’m particularly obsessed with shade “Bare” which I’ve paired with the Rimmel Lasting Finish Lip Liner in Cappuccino. 

7. 10-Second Eye Gel Watercolour Eyeshadow

Kosas 10-Second Eye Gel Watercolor Eyeshadow

As someone who has long seen an eyeliner flick as a part of their identity, I’ve actually started switching it up by using liquid eyeshadow alongside it. Just apply this glitter-free formula straight onto your eyelid and blend it out with your fingers in literally seconds. It’s a great way to add a bit of zest to a day-to-day look. 

The Kosas Products on My Wishlist:

Kosas Tinted Face Oil

It’s blended with six active botanical oils including hydrating avocado and meadowfoam, soothing jojoba, brightening rosehip, balancing camellia seed oil and reparative red raspberry to help minimise the appearance of pores while evening skin tone.

Kosas Cosmetics Dreambeam Spf 40 Pa++++

A mineral sunscreen packed with ceramides and peptides to moisturise, smooth, brighten, and create a gorgeously glowy makeup base. Plus, how cute does it look?

Good Body Skin AHA + Enzyme Exfoliating Body Wash

Kosas Good Body Skin AHA + Enzyme Exfoliating Body Wash

Recently I’ve been using body washes that contain gentle acid exfoliators to keep the rest of my skin in check. I’ll be adding this glycolic and lactic acid-rich formula to my ever-growing collection, which helps to dissolve dull, flaky skin. Top-to-toe summer glow incoming.

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