Who Was the Main Character? That, and Other Burning Questions, Answered in the ‘Succession’ Survey


None. They could maybe hack it for a little while but would eventually be crushed by the weight of their vast and varied limitations. — Gabi

Who was the main character?

New York City itself. Sorry, wrong HBO show. But if I had to pick: again, Logan’s death only underscored how much it all revolved around Logan. — GP

Technically the first scene of the show is Logan Roy pissing on the floor. But for all intents and purposes, we start and end the series with Kendall for a reason. It’s his machinations, failures and emotional state that the action in any given season revolves around. — FT

It’s a show about Kendall. The middle 37 episodes exist to get him to the place he should have been in the pilot—a place his father knew he had yet to access. — PT

Shiv, but Kendall of course thought it was himself. Shiv has the thorniest, most dramatic arc, and I do think Logan wanted it to be her more than he wanted it to be Kendall or Roman. Shiv has the most robust and complicated personal life: the stuff with Tom, the stuff with Caroline. Succession doesn’t play misdirections, but Shiv, herself, does. She was never as righteous as she wanted to be, and it took her all these years to realize it. Kendall was just the easiest to understand. — HH

Greg, weirdly enough. The siblings often existed in very siloed storylines, and the only throughline between any of them was Greg, whether they wanted him there or not. — KL

Succession was truly—beautifully—an ensemble show, but it always came back to Kendall, didn’t it? Kendall was the anointed successor from the beginning and the plot always revolved around his issues and his whims whether he’s going on a bender that results in the death of a caterwaiter, sucking up to his dad, or rebelling against his dad. — EZ

The main character was the Roy Family. It was all of them. — ZF

Logan and his kids, but if we’re getting granular it’s about Kendall. — Gabi

In my eyes, it’s Kendall. From the moment we meet him, psyching himself up for the Vaulter meeting to “An Open Letter to NYC” early in the pilot, this is about his descent. — JK

Kendall is the main character. It was always him. Himdall Logan Roy. HLR. — AD

What’s the best episode of Succession?

I have nine words for you: season two, episode three — “Hunting.” Boar on the Floor. — AD

“Nobody Is Ever Missing,” the first season finale. The moment the dramatic stakes ratchet up with Kendall’s accidental murder, while still giving us some of the funniest moments of the entire series (Roman’s rocket blowing up! So much Tom humiliation!). It’s when Succession goes from a pretty good show to a must-watch. — GP

“Tern Haven,” the episode at the Pierce family dinner table. It was the first episode when we got the Roys, as a family business and as a family unit, really squirm. There are so many great lines in that episode, and the level of character building of Pierce family members in some throwaway moments was just really masterful. I’m also partial to the siblings dynamic in season three’s “Mass in the Time of War”: that is really the happiest we ever see them, skulking over to Kendall’s just to roll their eyes at all his big promises and pronouncements. — HH

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