12 Comfortable Couches That Are Worth the Money in 2023, According to Stylish Creatives


It’s no secret that a sofa—that central hearth of modern living—is a major purchase. It’s arguably the most indispensable piece of furniture in your home. It’s where you crash after a long day, feast on your favorite takeout, dissect every second of Succession, and make memories with the people who matter. So what makes for a good sofa? It needs to be cozy, sure. Durable, definitely. And given how much square footage it covers, it needs to complement your personal style. Finding a comfortable couch that ticks those boxes out of the millions of options online is a daunting task, but fear not.

Below, we’ve a tapped short list of our favorite creatives and tastemakers to tell us about the sofas they own and love. From cushy clouds to sleek silhouettes, futurist forms to mid-century masterpieces, there’s a little something for everyone. So make like a cool guy and creative direct one of these comfortable couches into your cart.

Blu Dot Cleon 56″ Armless Sofa

“If there’s one thing that I’ve learned about living in NYC, it’s that square footage is not to be wasted. So, when I was on the hunt for a new sofa, I was adamant about finding something armless. Not only is the profile on this piece sleek and economic, but it’s essentially two structured pillows, making it the perfect place to lounge after a long day.” —Hudson Moore, design editor

“Listen, I’m never going to say no to a sofa that features three spherical poufs. The throwability, the nervous fiddling, the lewd pantomiming—the possibilities are endless. It also looks nice.” —Brian Moore, artist and founder of BRAIN

Maiden Home The Varick Sofa

“We designed The Armoury Study around my small collection of Asian art and incorporated an old Japanese screen that used to hang in my father’s living room. The Varick sofa’s soothing shade of olive and reassuringly simple form matched well with the nature depicted in the screen. It invites you to take a seat and relax.” —Mark Cho, co-founder of The Armoury

“I think this was the first piece of furniture I bought that wasn’t from Ikea, Craigslist, or a local vintage shop. It’s somehow a crowd-pleaser—suiting my minimalistic friends and me, more drawn to Afrocentric coziness. The cushions have survived everything from my nephews’ Olympian-esque backflips to disco parties where I actually let folks have shoes on in my house (and they lost their mind and home training and put feet on my couch).” —Solange Franklin, stylist

Mario Bellini Camaleonda sofa

“I was drawn to this sofa because of its low profile and bulbous shape. Because the sofa is modular, I feel like as I grow and evolve the sofa could, as well, by being configured in any way. Worth the investment!” —Alvin Wayne, interior designer

Hay Mags one-arm sectional

“Literally and figuratively, this is the largest furniture purchase I’ve made to date, but after topping my wish list for three years and two apartments, it felt like the right move. Deciding on a sofa is never easy (especially with a partner, and especially when your decor tastes are different), but we were both sold after trying it in person. It’s big enough for entertaining, deep and comfy enough for movie-watching, and style-wise sits somewhere between modern and ambiguous. No doubt it’s the brightest thing in our living room, but I’ll always make the case for green as a neutral.” —Carrie Carrollo, copywriter and content creator

“I love the ’70s-inspired reeding details and the plushy boucle textile of this sofa. It’s deep and comfortable for spending a whole day on, and the off-white color makes it a breeze to pair with vibrant home decors that I have. I also throw a cozy blanket on top to add a hint of color.” —Mikei Huang, product designer

Design Within Reach Raleigh four-seater sofa

“At first it surprised us that we loved this sofa—it is super long and very orange! We love that the two of us can lay on it at the same time with our daughter Tove and our cat Giro. It feels very natural in our industrial space and doesn’t ever feel too frumpy or lazy.” —Terri Chiao and Adam Frezza of Brooklyn artist duo CHIAOZZA

“’What’s in a name?’ Isn’t that what Shakespeare wrote? Well, for the cloud couch, it’s exactly that…a damn cloud made of fabric and stuffing. I mean it’s soft soft. Like every part of it. I’ve been calling it ‘boneless’ because I don’t think it has a frame inside of it. It’s the most comfortable couch I’ve ever had and makes relaxing after a hard day’s work so much easier.” Hilton Carter, plant and interior stylist

Room & Board “Clemens” extra deep modular sectional

“This is definitely the most comfortable couch I’ve ever owned. My husband, Dan, wandered into a store in SoHo and found it. It’s also excellent for naps and our friends have been known to pass out on it and spend the night there. I always appreciate a sofa that can double as a bed but isn’t a pull out and still looks chic.”—Isabella Boylston, principal dancer at the American Ballet Theatre

HAY Quilton 2.5 seat sofa

“I recently purchased this HAY Sofa and it has been such a great addition to my living room. Not only is it sleek and deep, but it also comes in a variety of unique colors. The comfort level is unbeatable and I love how easy it is to style with different pillows and textures. Highly recommend this sofa for anyone looking to elevate their space with both style and comfort.” —Cody Guilfoyle, photographer

Castlery Todd sectional chaise sofa

“I like a couch that can accommodate all my moods, whether I’m sitting crosslegged on my laptop or lazing around. This sectional is on the firm side, which I love because I don’t like to be eaten by my couch. You know when a couch swallows you whole? I hate that. It also means I can set a glass of wine down next to me (white, of course) and not worry about it falling over. Plus, it looks chic as hell on my IG stories so I can cosplay as being posh eve

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