15 Cheap Sex Toys Under $50 To Get You Off for Less


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Sex toys are great, but they’re not a necessity. It makes sense that if you’re cutting corners to save some cash, you’ll want to find the best cheap sex toys. Limiting your sex toy budget before you tap into your budget for rent or food just seems to make the most sense. Sure, an argument could be made that sex toys feed the soul, but that’s not really the same thing. (And if you really don’t think you can put a price tag on a bigger, better O, we do have some excellent luxury sex toys to recommend.)

The good news is, it’s not too hard to find good sex toys for under $50—you just have to know what to look for.

The Best Cheap Sex Toys, at a Glance

Have a Ben Franklin burning a hole in your pocket? Drop that cash quick on our top-pick budget sex toys.

How to shop for sex toys on a budget

“While some incredible toys can be on the expensive side, it’s definitely not necessary to break the bank to get a good-quality sex toy that’ll make you feel great,” says Danielle Bezalel, host and creator of the Sex Ed with DB podcast. Here are a few rules to follow when shopping for cheap toys:

Check the Material First: “It’s important to keep in mind that all sex toys aren’t created equally, so be mindful of the material they are made from,” advises clinical sexologist Linnea Marie. “Unfortunately, some of the cheaper products are made from toxic porous materials.” These materials include rubber, jelly, and PVC, among others, and are best avoided. At best, they’ll accumulate bacteria over time and start to look (and smell) gross, and at worst, they can even cause chemical burns and mess with your endocrine system

Instead, look for materials known to be non-porous and phthalate-free. These include silicone, hard plastic, metal, glass, ceramic, and properly sealed wood.

Know What’s Reasonable: “When shopping for sex toys on a tight budget, be realistic about the type of toy you can get,” Bezalel says. “For example, you can probably find bullet vibes, anal plugs, lubes, BDSM accessories, and small clitoral vibes for $40 or under. Larger vibrators, dildos, and multi-function toys (a rabbit vibe, for instance) may be more expensive.” 

When trying to spend as little as possible on toys, look for a product that seems to do one thing really well, rather than one that attempts to multitask—cheaper motors and lower-quality designs often suffer if they try to do too much at once.

On that note, cheaper toys often won’t last as long as pricier ones. The material might start to break down or discolor over time (especially if it’s porous) or the motor might give up the ghost, for instance. But if you pick a well-reviewed toy that suits your needs, you should at least be able to enjoy it while it lasts.

Consider Upgrading Later: Cheap toys are an especially good call if you’re trying out a type of toy that’s totally new to you; it’s better to determine if you even like that kind of toy before dropping big bucks on it. If you end up using your new acquisition a lot, that could be a good sign that you should save up for a nicer version.

Now that we’ve set some ground rules for sex-toy shopping on a budget, here are some of our top picks for under $50.

The Best Cheap Bullet Vibrator: Unbound Zip

Materials: Silicone
Battery Life: 2 hours
How to Use: Turn the toy on or off using its one button. Put it on any external spot you like. Add some water-based lube if desired.

“There are lots of $40-and-under toys from Unbound I would recommend as a sex educator; they’re a brand I trust to make high quality, body-safe, affordable toys,” Bezalel says. The Zip is one of Unbound’s most basic products—it only has one speed but could be a good introduction to the world of vibrators if you’ve never tried one before and aren’t sure how you’ll feel about ’em.

Pros: Small enough to work in many sex/masturbation positions; powerful vibrations; waterproof
Cons: For external use only; only one vibration speed; loud; buzzy/high-pitched vibrations may feel overstimulating for some users

The Best Cheap Clitoral Vibrator: Romp Beat

Materials: Silicone
Battery Life: 1 hour
How to Use: Apply water-based lube to the toy if desired. Hold the power button for two seconds to turn the toy on or off, and use the same button to cycle through the toy’s modes and speeds.

“The Romp Beat is a great bullet-style vibrator that retails for a great price,” Marie says. It has nice, deep, rumbly vibes to it and is on the longer side, so the reach is perfect for individuals with a belly or that have short arms.” The Beat is a little bigger than the Zip, above, so it can be used for clitoral stimulation or vaginal penetration—take your pick. It’s also got several more speeds and settings to choose from.

Pros: Good size for clitoral or vaginal stimulation; strong, rumbly vibrations; six vibration speeds and four patterns; rechargeable; waterproof
Cons: Only one button to cycle through vibration settings

The Best Cheap Vaginal Vibrator: CalExotics Turbo Glider

Materials: ABS plastic
How to Use: Apply water-based lube to the toy if desired. Use the dial at the base of the toy to change its intensity.

I sold tons of these to vibrator newbies when I worked at a sex shop, because I think it’s one of the best vibes you can get for under $20. It’s got an astonishing range of vibration strength for such a cheap toy, starting off subtle and working up to a powerful buzz. The bumps along its shaft won’t be everyone’s fave, but it can feel great clitorally and vaginally if you’re into texture. And while it does get loud on higher speeds, it’s waterproof, so you can always take it in the tub or shower to mask the noise.

Pros: Can be used clitorally or vaginally; bumpy texture for vaginal stimulation; strong vibrations; dial control for customizable intensity; waterproof
Cons: Loud; no G-spot curve; buzzy/high-pitched vibrations may feel annoying for some users

The Best Cheap Body-Contoured Vibrator: Romp Wave

Materials: Silicone
Battery Life: 1 hour
How to Use: Apply water-based lube to the toy if desired. Turn it on or off by holding down its one button; use the same button to switch between vibration settings.

“The Romp Wave is a great vibrator that fits nicely in the palm of your hand, making it great for adding to a blowjob or adding extra body stimulation,” Marie says. Almost anything you can do with your hands could be enhanced with a little vibration, and holding this toy on your palm is an easy way to achieve that. It can even be worn in public as a panty vibe, or worn behind the dildo in a harness to intensify the sensations of strap-on sex.

Pros: Body-contoured shape for ease of use on multiple different body parts; decently strong, rumbly vibrations; six vibration speeds and four patterns; rechargeable; waterproof
Cons: Loud on higher speeds; only one button to cycle through vibration settings; can’t be used internally (at least for most people)

The Best Cheap Silicone Dildo: Blush Temptasia Jezebel

Materials: Silicone
How to Use: Apply water-based lube to the toy before inserting it vaginally or anally.

Whether you’re looking for a dildo for G-spot play or prostate stimulation, masturbation or partnered sex, strap-on play or handheld usage, this one can do it all. It’s shaped to hit those internal erogenous zones with little effort, has a 1.5-inch diameter that should be manageable for most users (maybe with a little warm-up beforehand), and has a cute heart-shaped flared base that makes it anal-safe and harness-compatible. It’s truly a jack of all trades! “Like Goldilocks recommends, not too big nor too small, nor too hard nor too soft,” one happy Amazon reviewer wrote.

Pros: Good curve for G-spot or prostate stimulation; suction-cup base for hands-free use; harness-compatible
Cons: The dimensions, while average (5.25” of insertable length and a 1.5” diameter), may not work for everyone

The Best Cheap Glass Dildo: Unbound Gem

Materials: Borosilicate glass
How to Use: Apply lube to the toy before inserting it vaginally or anally. 

Bezalel recommends this affordable glass dildo; its dual-ended design gives you more bang for your buck, and it can be used vaginally or anally, whichever you prefer. Glass works well for temperature play, easy to clean, is compatible with all types of lube, and can give those internal spots the firm pressure they tend to crave, so this is a great buy for the price.

Pros: Double-ended design for two different sensations; G-spot/prostate curve; good for temperature play
Cons: May crack or break if dropped on a hard surface

The Best Cheap Kegel Balls: Lelo Luna Beads Noir

Materials: Silicone and ABS plastic
How to Use: Apply water-based lube to the toy before sliding it inside the vagina.

Kegel balls are part sex toy, part health device—holding them inside the vagina and doing Kegel exercises around them can help keep those muscles toned over time, but the weighted ball inside each bead also rolls around every time you move, creating a pleasant internal sensation. These are my personal favorite Kegel balls because they’re small, comfortable, and have an elegant aesthetic. Plus, the individual beads can be removed from the silicone girdle they come in, so you can start with one and move up to two as your muscles get stronger.

Pros: Both pleasurable and good for your sexual health; silicone girdle is removable for easier cleaning and using only one ball at a time if desired; non-stretchy retrieval cord for easy removal
Cons: Rolling balls can be slightly too noisy for discreet public play in a quiet setting

The Best Cheap Disposable Stroker: Tenga Egg

Materials: Thermoplastic elastomer (TPE)
How to Use: Open the Egg’s “shell,” take out the stroker, and apply the included lubricant to the inside and entrance of the toy before sliding inside it. After using, you can either throw away the egg inside its packaging, or turn it inside-out and wash it out thoroughly with soap and water if you’d like to reuse it (which is not recommended by Tenga, but can be done). Let it dry thoroughly before putting it back in its case.

Tenga Eggs are the ideal introduction to strokers for someone who’s never tried them before, because you can spend less than $10 to experience totally new sensations. They’re made of super-squishy elastomer and have fun textures on the inside, to enhance your normal stroking during masturbation. These toys are disposable, and should only be used a few times even with thorough cleaning between uses, but by the time you throw yours out, you’ll have a much better sense of whether you want to upgrade to a longer-lasting stroker. “Massages the frenulum nicely. Feels pretty good with good amount of lube,” one Amazon reviewer wrote. “Gave me a pretty intense pulsating orgasm.”

Pros: Super stretchy to accommodate most penis sizes; a variety of enjoyable textures available; comes with its own lube; small and discreet; inexpensive
Cons: Technically one-use-only/disposable; can be noisy during use

The Best Cheap Stroker: Doc Johnson Mood Exciter

Materials: Thermoplastic elastomer
How to Use: Apply water-based lube to the inside and entrance of the toy, and to your penis, before sliding inside. After using, wash the toy thoroughly with soap and water and let it dry completely before storing it.

For a slightly nicer stroker that’ll last you much longer than a Tenga Egg, try this one. It’s got two interesting textures inside, and its contoured shape and finger grips make it easy to hold onto while you stroke. “This thing is AMAZING. It feels so good and so real,” an Amazon reviewer wrote. “I enjoy using it myself but the best part is getting my girlfriend to use it on me.”

Pros: Pleasurable dual-texture interior; finger grips for better control; can cover the top hole with your finger to create mild suction; open-ended design makes it easier to clean
Cons: Porous material won’t last as long as silicone; may not work as well for larger penises; open-ended design may cause lube/semen to spill out; some users report a chemical smell

The Best Cheap Cock Ring: Je Joue

Materials: Silicone
How to Use: Apply water-based lube to the inside of the ring and slide it down to the base of your flaccid or partially erect penis before sexual activity. For more constriction, you can also slip your balls through the ring, one at a time. Don’t leave a cock ring on for more than about 20 minutes at a time and take it off right away if you feel any numbness or tingling.

If you’ve never tried sex toys before and want to dip your toe in, a cock ring is a good way to do that. It’s a super simple product that can give your sex life a significant boost. The constriction it offers around the base of your dick helps with maintaining a stronger erection for longer, and can increase your sensitivity as well. This one is about as basic as they come, but a cock ring doesn’t need a lot of bells and whistles to do the trick.

Pros: Simple to use; constriction helps with erection strength, sensitivity, and longevity; very stretchy to fit multiple penis sizes; non-slip design; different diameters available to suit your needs
Cons: No vibration or other stimulation to pleasure your partner during sex

The Best Cheap Vibrating Cock Ring: Screaming O Charged You-Turn Plus

Screaming O Charged You-Turn Plus

Materials: Silicone and ABS plastic
Battery Life: 1 hour
How to Use: Apply water-based lube to the inside of the ring and slide it down to the base of your flaccid or partially erect penis before sexual activity. For more constriction, you can also slip your balls through the ring, one at a time. Use the buttons on the side of the bullet to control its vibrations. Don’t leave a cock ring on for more than about 20 minutes at a time and take it off right away if you feel any numbness or tingling.

For a cock ring with a bit more oomph, try this vibrating one. It’s got a slot for a bullet vibrator, which is included, so you can use the ring with or without the vibe—or, likewise, use the vibe with or without the ring. The vibrating part juts out slightly, so as to hit your partner’s clit or perineum during sex. It’s a good pick if you want a versatile toy that can be used solo or with a partner.

Pros: Rumbly vibration; 10 vibration functions; bullet vibrator can be removed and used in other ways; waterproof; quiet
Cons: Not as strong or rumbly as some pricier options

The Best Cheap Beginners’ Butt Plug: Fun Factory Bootie 

Materials: Silicone
How to Use: Apply water-based lube to the toy before inserting it.

Getting into butt stuff can be intimidating, but with a petite plug like this, it doesn’t have to be. The curve presses into your prostate (or your G-spot, through the vaginal wall), and the slim base fits comfortably between buttcheeks even if you wear it for a while. “I could not handle any other anal toys, but this one is a keeper,” one Amazon reviewer wrote. “It is fun in the bedroom and is super easy to clean after.”

Pros: Comfortable slim base; good curve for prostate/indirect G-spot stimulation; multiple sizes available to suit your needs
Cons: Neck is not really large enough to help you warm up for anal sex, pegging, etc. if that’s what you want to use it for

The Best Cheap Prostate Massager: Doc Johnson OptiMALE P-Massager

Doc Johnson OptiMALE P-Massager

Materials: Silicone
How to Use: Apply water-based lube to the toy before inserting it.

Want a butt plug that’s a bit more explicitly prostate-focused? Try this one. Its wide, angled head curves perfectly into that spot, and the nub on its base presses into your perineum, so that the toy stimulates your prostate from the inside and the outside simultaneously. It stays in place well enough to be worn during sex or masturbation, and can intensify your orgasm substantially. “FantASStic feeling from the inside out!” one punny Amazon reviewer raved.

Pros: Great prostate-targeting shape; base presses into perineum for added stimulation; ring base makes removal easier
Cons: Tip may be too blunt for some users to insert comfortably (warming up with fingers or smaller toys beforehand can help); may be too girthy for some users

The Best Cheap Nipple Clamps: CalExotics Nipple Play crystal chain nipple clamps

CalExotics Nipple Play crystal chain nipple clamps

Materials: Silicone and iron
How to Use: Use the little screws on the side of each clamp to adjust them to a loose setting to begin with as you can always dial up the pain later. Clamp one onto each nipple—you may need to pull your nipple taut with one hand while doing this in order to get a good grip. Don’t leave clamps on for longer than about 15 minutes at a time, and take them off if you feel numbness or tingling.

Nipple clamps tend to be some of the cheapest kink toys you can get, so they’re good if you want to explore BDSM on a budget. These are adjustable to fit a range of different nipple sizes and pain tolerances, and have a cute jeweled chain between them that you can pull on for a burst of pain. Whether you’re using them alone or with a partner, they’ll bring some sadomasochistic flair to your play.

Pros: Easy to use; adjustable tightness; provides some light pain mixed with pleasure; chain can be tugged on to intensify sensations; nickel-free
Cons: Soft silicone tips may slide off

The Best Cheap Bondage Toy: Unbound Orion

Materials: Patent leather
How to Use: Use the cuffs on their own, or attach them to the included strap. Adjust the cuffs so that there are one to two fingers’ worth of space between the cuffs and the skin of the person wearing them, so as not to cut off circulation. Put the bar at the end of the strap over the top of a door and close the door securely, so that the cuffs hang down and the person wearing them is cuffed to the door. Never leave someone unattended in bondage and always pick a safeword or safe-signal before playing. Uncuff the person immediately if they start to feel numbness, tingling, or pain.

Bezalel recommends this over-the-door restraints set for kink-curious shoppers on a budget. It’s a set of faux-leather bondage cuffs, which you can use either on their own or in conjunction with the included strap. Drape the bar at the end of the strap over a door, close the door, and the person wearing the cuffs will be “trapped” against the door with their hands over their head. My partner and I enjoyed the kinky power exchange that this toy facilitated; it was fun to be kissed and touched while feeling helpless and held down.

Pros: Easy to set up and to use; comfy padded cuffs; buckles and strap can be adjusted for a better fit
Cons: Not sturdy enough to be used for suspension (so keep your feet on the floor!); strap may be too short for short p

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