7 Anti-Trend Summer Outfits I’m Stealing From Scandi Girls


Why is it that I’ve been anticipating summer’s arrival for months but, now that it’s here, I find myself completely unprepared for it. My toes still have the final flakes of my last pedicure on them, my skin looks almost blueish and my wardrobe is still full of my winter knitwear. So this week, I’ve decided to make a few changes; I have booked in with my nail tech who will remove my accidental burgundy French tips and replace then with a zingy gel shade. I’ve just placed an order of the only fake tan I’ve found that I can apply without making myself streaky. As for my wardrobe? I’ve purged my winter wares into their flat-pack bags and banished them to the loft and, in their place, I’ve begun unpacking all of my lightweight clothing for the season ahead. 

Over the years I’ve leaned towards anti-trend pieces, so what I’m left with is a collection of what I’d consider to be staples—simple dresses and separates in a predominantly neutral palette. The thing is, I’ve kind of forgotten how to style them; last summer really wasn’t up to par and I just didn’t get as much wear out of them as much as I had hoped, which is why I’ve been collating as much outfit inspiration as I can get. Looking over the imagery filling my saved folders, as a self-confessed Francophile, I was surprised that the majority of the looks I’d archived were from Scandi influencers. To be fair, they have perfected the simple dressing that I’ve been drawn to lately. Universally appealing and inherently chic, I thought you’d like to see them, too. Scroll on to see my favourite Scandi summer outfits, many of which you may even be able to re-create with items you already own. 

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