French Women Rely on This Staple to Make Them Look Chic In Summer


Whether it’s a logoed luxury style or a more low-key version from a market in Provence, the best basket bags can elevate any summer outfit, from pretty dresses to a simple T-shirt and denim shorts. French women have been relying on them, for both practicality and style, for decades, and this power they have to polish up your look is the reason we’re all still straight-up obsessed. 

If you haven’t already found your dream basket bag, don’t worry. Below, we’ve rounded up the very best styles, from designer buys to straw crossbodies and high street carry-all beach bags, so you’re bound to find the style for you here. Already a basket collector like myself? There’s some unique versions below you’re going to want to find some more space for—trust me. 

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