I’m a Fashion Stylist—These Are the Jewellery Brands I’d Honestly Recommend


When it comes to the best jewellery brands, there is so much choice that it can be quite an overwhelming category to shop from. Whether big and bold or small and dainty, the options are endless. As a fashion editor, one of my most-asked questions is probably “Where can I find a fabulous piece of jewellery?” As a huge jewellery fan, I’m more than up for sharing my latest obsessions and fantasy splurges from brands like Seb Brown or Cece Jewellery

Once you start wearing jewellery in a more obsessive way, it becomes part of your everyday look, and you can’t be without it. I’ve been known to run back home and put my favourite signet ring on or my beloved hoop earrings in. So what is it about jewellery that makes you feel positively naked if you’re not wearing it? It can elevate the most basic of outfits. Whether you do that with a handful of colourful cocktail rings or a pared-back pearl choker, I happen to think your outfit isn’t complete without a smattering of jewels. 

Influencers like Anna Vitiello and Maria Jacobs are big fans of jewellery and I often find myself pausing over their accounts. Vitiello often goes for a stack of gold jewellery, while Jacobs is all over the more-is-more approach, combining all sorts of aesthetics.

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