Linen Dresses Are All I Want to Wear This Summer, and These 30 Are Perfect


There’s something sentimental about linen and its reminiscence of the fleeting summer season. The cross-weave permits the light to penetrate it, yet the density can withhold the most structured of shapes. Suffice to say, it makes a welcome change from the cotton pieces I have hung up in my wardrobe.

It’s a wonderful thing when a fabric can be celebrated. The charm is in the netted textile that allows for a whistling zephyr, enabling our body temperature to regulate. Plus, the rumpling that comes with wear adds a lovely relaxed feel. Aside from linen shirts, I tend to gravitate towards midi- and maxi-length dresses. I’ve also found it’s an easy way to add colour to my summer wardrobe, as the material disperses natural light, softening the intensity of vibrant hues.

The linen dresses in my possession have a special place in my heart because they evoke memories of lazy summer days. Think André Aciman’s Call Me by Your Name vibes. That’s the very feeling I envisage whilst wearing a linen dress—wanderlust during the height of summer and being one with nature in Northern Italy. (I can dream.)

You could argue that a summer capsule is incomplete without a linen dress. Whether it’s a mini, a maxi, a sheath, a figure-fitting ’90s silhouette or a contemporary shape, there’s a way everyone can enjoy the fabric this summer. 

Keep scrolling for my edit of the most glorious linen dresses for summer! The window of opportunity is short but oh so sweet.

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