This Controversial Swimwear Trend You’ll See On Every Beach This Summer


Indeed, like so many trends, thong swimwear was reborn thanks to Instagram, and it seems the shops are preparing for it to be in demand for high summer.

Still, Russo believes many of us are still too tentative to try it—myself included. What is different from last year, however, is the style’s sudden omnipresence on the high street. The trend is about to go mainstream, so with Russo’s help, I’ve decoded how to make thong swimwear work in real life.

Keep scrolling for our top tips on how to wear the thong swimwear trend. Then, finally, shop our edit of the best thong swimwear around.

“No one feels confident during their first day on the beach,” admits Russo. “Chances are, it’s been a year since you were last there, which is why I always recommend getting a spray tan before you head off. Even a subtle glow will make you feel more at ease in a bikini or swimsuit.” 

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