This Viral £35 Dress Has Thousands of Views on TikTok—And it’s Now Back in Stock


As it turns out, we owe a lot to the influence TikTok has had on our lives over the last couple of years. Like many others, I was quick to write it off as the home of dubious hacks and dance challenges, but it and its users have proven their ability to uncover hidden gems and turn unexpected pieces into overnight successes.

We’ve had a particularly good spell of affordable dresses popping up on the app lately (Who could forget that Abercrombie smash hit?), and the latest piece doing the rounds on TikTok and Instagram comes from a very unexpected source: Amazon Fashion. And it’s proving to be an across-the-board hit with all of the editors in the Who What Wear office.

The R.Vivimos puff-sleeved polka-dot dress has been gaining attention for its flattering fit and easy-to-wear style. And not only does the square-necked midi dress look as good as any of the designer “nap dresses” that were everywhere this summer, but it also comes in a range of 22 colours. That’s right, 22. So there’s guaranteed to be a colourway that suits you.

Just when we thought we were sold on the green, we spotted @ericadavies and @whatmariewears and  in the equally chic black iteration. So given the dress’s high-street price (it retails at only £35), and its versatility (yes, I will be wearing it with knee-high boots in autumn, too), the only questions that remain are how many to get and in which colours? Scroll down to see some of our favourites.

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