Celebs Love: Shannon Sharpe, Meekz, and Polo G All Spied in Louis Vuitton Puzzle Jacquard Crewneck Sweater


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Although quiet luxury is becoming more popular in the fashion industry these days, celebrities still love to wear Louis Vuitton and Shannon Sharpe, Meeks and Polo G were all three spotted wearing a $1,700 Louis Vuitton Puzzle Jacquard crewneck sweater on different occasions.

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Photo Credit: IG Reproduction/Backgrid
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According to LV website, “This playful warm knit crewneck made from certified wool has a relaxed fit with dropped shoulders. It features a graphic intarsia puzzle motif with cartoon characters and abstracted Monogram signatures in vibrant colors. An LV medallion on the bottom left adds a smart final signature.”

Retired Football player and TV Host, Shannon Sharpe attended a LA Lakers game wearing the LV sweater and he chose to style it with form-fitting cobalt blue trousers that played perfectly off the colors of the sweater.

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Photo Credit: IG Reproduction/Backgrid

Also opting to pair his LV crewneck sweater with trousers was rapper, Meekz. The British rapper from Manchester, wore grey trousers and white sneakers to complete his look. Unlike Sharpe, and Polo G, Meekz accessorized with a matching LV hat, white shades, and a multicolor scarf that served as a face mask.

In case you are wondering why we always see Meekz with a face mask, it’s simply because the rapper would like for his fans to focus on the quality of his music rather than his image.

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Photo Credit: IG Reproduction/Backgrid

Polo G was also spotted in the LV sweater while flaunting internationally inside of a retail store. While holding up his foreign cash, the 24 year old rapper stood confidently in distressed skinny jeans and exclusive Nike dunks that look like they were made to go with his sweater.

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Photo Credit: IG Reproduction/Backgrid

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