Cowboy Boots, Crochet, Crystals—Every Fun Festival Trend I’ll Wear This Summer


Coachella 2023 might be behind us, but a whole summer of festivals is on the horizon. Whether you’ve nabbed yourself a ticket to Glastonbury, Primavera or a laid-back local fete, you’ll need the appropriate attire. 

Festival fashion has a very distinctive identity. You know the drill: Every April, the Colorado desert becomes a bona fide catwalk as thousands of style-savvy Coachella attendees show off their creative ensembles. We’re not just talking denim cut-offs and wellies—this year alone was a spectacle of bejewelled minidresses and ‘coastal cowgirl’ get-up. This Met Gala of the music world showcases a heightened version of what you can expect, sartorially speaking, from your own outdoor gig. The trends on show during the two-week event get distilled down, and many are surprisingly wearable, no matter how easy-going you expect your upcoming festival to be.

So, what should you consider when planning your outfits? When picking and choosing which trends to try, think about the expected temperature (a festival in Reading is very different to one in Barcelona), but also what you’ll feel most comfortable in. Expect to be standing and moving about the majority of the day; don’t put yourself in a position where you’re worrying about too-tight jeans or a hemline that keeps riding up.

Keep these points in mind as you check out the five festival trends we’re most excited about below. From whimsical fabrications to punchy accessories, all signs are pointing to this being a summer to remember.

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