From Quiet Luxury to “Old Money”—We Rate All of Succession’s Most Iconic Outfits


Succession might not be a show that centres around fashion on first watch, but that’s not to say that, over the last four seasons, the characters’ wardrobes haven’t piqued our interest, provided key context and, at times, given us unexpected wardrobe envy. In fact, whether you’ve noticed it or not (and therein lies the beauty of it—the costume designers are nothing if not masters in subtlety) what the cast of Succession were wearing was wholly significant in bringing each character’s specific identity, and the savage world of media’s upper echelons, to life. From Shiv’s quiet luxury aesthetic, to Kendall’s “old money” designer garms, Willa’s style evolution towards First Lady material and let’s not forget Naomi Pierce’s fashion-insider-approved looks that made us all want to switch to an entirely monochromatic wardrobe. 

Succession may be over now (don’t worry, you won’t find any last episode spoilers here, although if you haven’t even made it to the last season yet, beware there may be some unavoidable giveaways), but we’re not quite ready to let it go. So, in honour of one of the best TV shows of our time, we thought we’d take a look back at (and, yes, rate out of ten) Succession’s most iconic fashion moments. If you’re a fan (or even if you’re not), play along with us—and be sure to head to our Instagram to have your say on whether you think our ratings are accurate, or not. Yes, we may or may not be trying to fill the post-last-episode void with this nostalgic review, but until another show this good comes along, you’re going to have to let us grieve the only way we know how…

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From Quiet Luxury to “Old Money”—We Rate All of Succession’s Most Iconic Outfits

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