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Crisis and chaos are different stages, and what you will learn in this innovation keynote video is that chaos creates predictable opportunity. In short, chaos shuffles the deck and switches who is in the lead, but if you are able to interpret the patterns of opportunity, you can better prepare for what’s next.

In this video, Jeremy Gutsche breaks down Chaos-Induced Recharting, which is a 4-stage process that we all experience when we go from a stable period to crisis to chaos and then a recharting of our paths:

1. PATH DEPENDENCY – e.g. 2010-2019 – When things are going well, we may feel comfortable, but we also start to repeat past decisions and thus miss out on opportunities so close within our grasp. We micro-optimize and fail to realize our consumer’s needs are slowly adapting away from our product or service, creating an opportunity gap.

2. CRISIS – e.g. COVID-19 and Working From Home – Generally not a good time for anyone, except mask-makers and hand sanitizer stockpilesr. However, crisis DOES create urgency, which can the catalyst of change we needed.

3. CHAOS – e.g. 2021 & what’s next – in this stage, consumer needs evolve, large incumbents are disrupted and we enter an enormous period of opportunity, if you know how to find it.

4. RE-CHARTING OF PATHS – e.g. 2022 and beyond – You will emerge from chaos on a new path. So the question is, what path do you want to be on? You have so much opportunity within your grasp, but what are you going to do to get it? Push harder, act sooner, never give up.

If you want to learn more about innovating through chaos, pick up CREATE THE FUTURE, it is a tactical guidebook to innovation paired with an updated copy of my award-winning innovation handbook, Exploiting Chaos. Or even better, come to our Future Festival Virtual event or World Summit in November.

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