‘Passionate about children’: Family remembers owner of Brown Beauty Magic


AUGUSTA, Ga. (WRDW/WAGT) – Family and friends are remembering the life of Doriane Skales.

She was a local singer and founder of Brown Beauty Magic.

Her company strived to show diversity and representation by using some of your favorite children’s characters.

Hundreds knew her best as a kind and bright pillar in the community. We spoke with her family to learn more about her legacy.

“She was driven. She was creative. She was spiritual. She was all the things you can imagine,” said Tim Drake Godbee, Skales’ brother.


She was a leader in our community.

“She was passionate about children, particularly children of color and little girls because it resonated so closely with her because that’s how she saw herself,” said Godbee.

That passion led Skales to create Brown Beauty Magic last summer.

Since she was young, her dream was to show children of color that characters can look like them.

“That is her manifestation on this earth, and we want to see it continue. Every little girl that the organization reaches, and they look up, and they see a princess, and they gleam with hope and joy having that character with them. They take that with them, and that’s a piece of Doriane everywhere they go,” said Godbee.

Her family says she was able to bring love, light, and hope to people even when she didn’t feel the love, light, and hope herself.

“Life is still hard,” said Godbee. “You can look someone in the eyes and think the world of them and never know what’s going on.”

Skales’ family says to check on the people you love and reach out to the person who may need it most.

“That random text, that random call from that person you haven’t spoken to in years could change their life,” said Godbee.

Her dress and her crown will live on and continue to change lives in the CSRA.

“It’s beautiful just to see the amount of work that she’s gotten done in a short amount of time and knowing this is just the beginning and it’s going to go on and bless Augusta for generations to come hopefully,” said Godbee.

A celebration of life will be held at noon on Thursday at Friendship Ministries on North Tubman Road.

In place of flowers, Skales’ family requests that donations are made to Broken Outreach Ministries to support those facing mental health challenges.

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