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Pride month is upon us. And while we encourage supporting brands founded by diverse entrepreneurs all year round, what better time to support LGBTQ-owned brands than now? We’ve scoped out recognizable and newly emerging LGBTQ-owned businesses making goods with inclusivity at the forefront of their brand missions and product design.

Many of these queer-made products are also ethically and sustainably sourced and produced, benefit social justice causes and give back to community-led organizations. From a home decor brand that fights for garment workers’ rights to a queer swimsuit brand that designs products for gender identities across the spectrum, check out these LGBTQ-owned businesses the next time you shop for your home, wardrobe and kitchen.

Clothing and apparel

Vicky Pasche and Charisse Pasche founded Dapper Boi to design more body-inclusive apparel, including gender neutral and extended size clothes. The brand designs tops, bottoms, accessories and more for folks who have traditionally struggled to find clothes that fit their identities and needs in traditional men’s and women’s sections. The Shacket — a jacket and shirt hybrid — is heavy enough to keep you warm but thin enough to move around and stay comfortable all day. It’s also made with premium corduroy and designed with a relaxed fit.

Alexandra Fuente founded Woxer to create boxers that women and gender nonconforming folks can wear too. She also wants to design more supportive, comfortable and higher quality underwear for all people and all genders. One of Woxer’s bestsellers, the Woxer Boxer Briefs, have a comfortable fitting, no-roll waistband and a supportive 5-inch inseam that fits more body types and moves around less than regular underwear. The Classic Underwear and Boss Bra are two other bestsellers Woxer wearers can’t get enough of.

Designer Tabria Williford created Tawa Threads to combine her passion for textile design, community and the outdoors into one brand. With a give-back model supporting organizations that center on building community and celebrating cultural diversity, Tawa Threads donates a portion of its proceeds with an emphasis on funding programs that encourage and support BIPOC, LGBTQIA+ and people with disabilities to explore and advance their own narratives in outdoor spaces. The popular Tawa Threads Bandana is an affordable and versatile piece of apparel featuring bold prints and bright colors. Other products like the brand’s Runners, which can be used as a table runner, wall tapestry or scarf, show off even more of Tawa Threads’ unique design and style.

Haily Marzullo launched Humankind with a vision of making swimwear more inclusive for more people. In search of gender inclusive swim tops and bottoms, Marzullo designed Humankind to fit multiple body types and identities — so anyone can feel more comfortable and confident in what you wear in the water no matter how they identify. The Humankind Swim Top provides more coverage and support than your average swim top and is made with the brand’s signature stretch and quick-dry sportswear fabric. Looking for even more coverage? Check out Humankind Unisuit, a flattering full coverage suit with a sporty fit and soft stretch.

Robin Williams (aka Robbie) started designing handmade and custom-designed bowties after having a hard time finding one that fit her style and was affordable. The self-taught sewer had no prior education or background in design before making her first bowtie. Today she designs a rotating collection of bold designs and prints that an entire outfit can be built around. Her Jamaican heritage, Bronx upbringing, personal style and passion for empowering queer communities through design influence her bowtie’s colorful and vibrant patterns.

Food and drink

Since 1996, Lee Wallace has been roasting ethically sourced coffee from around the globe out of Minneapolis. Peace Coffee prides itself on purchasing only fair trade and organic coffee beans from small-scale grower cooperatives and partnering with them to benefit their farmers, their families, local communities and the climate. The brand’s first Compostable EcoPods are made with plant-based material that’s 100 percent biodegradable when disposed of through industrial compost facilities. They fit Keurig machines and come in two of Peace’s most popular blends — Tree Hugger, a nutty dark roast, and Birchwood, a smooth medium roast. Coffee drinkers also love Peace Coffee’s natural paper mesh since it helps retain the coffee’s flavor notes, unlike plastic cups that can alter the taste.

Gino Chua founded Pika Pika to share his love of Filipino flavors and celebrate his family’s heritage with the world. The AAPI- and LGBTQ-owned brand creates flavor packed spreads made from all-natural ingredients and no artificial flavors or preservatives. The Coconut Spread, a best seller that tastes like a vegan coconut Dulce De Leche, tastes great with breakfast staples, baked goods, savory dishes (like curries) and even drinks (like coffee). The brand’s Calamansi Marmalade citrus spread is another favorite. You’ll love this spread if you’re a fan of bold and tangy flavors and a touch of sweetness. Snag the Pantry Darlings Duo if you want to try both.

Born out of a garage in Marin City, California in 1995, Helen Russell and Brooke McDonnell founded Equator Coffees to prove there’s a different (read: better) way to produce quality coffee that’s better for people and the planet. The high-impact coffee company focuses on quality, sustainability and social responsibility in all its procurement, roasting and production processes. The Equator Blend, a smooth, medium-dark roast with notes of chocolate and nutmeg ranks at the top of the brand’s bestsellers with equally-loved blends like Mocha Java and Jaguar Espresso by its side. Grab a cup in person at one of its nine cafe locations around California.

Did you know 75 percent of Americans are chronically dehydrated? To fight back against this statistic, Kris Buchanan built the wellness brand GoodOnYa as a path to better health for herself and others. Her nature-inspired electrolyte and mineral powder mix, Hydrate, ranks as a top seller among her various mineral-centric products. It’s made with mix of lemon, coconut, stevia, Himalayan pink salt and magnesium sea minerals. Throw this vitamin C-packed hydration powder in your backpack, travel bag or beach tote and you’ll likely benefit from better sleep, increased focus and even quicker hangover relief.

This one’s for the pups. Katie Spies, a former MIT engineer turned full-time dog walker, couldn’t find a healthy food option for her rescue dog, George, so decided to make it herself. Maev is the first human-grade raw dog food brand of its kind and has been scientifically studied to improve dog’s oral health, behavior changes, energy balance and weight management. Pick up this food for your pup in beef, chicken and puppy formulas online and a variety pack if you’d like to mix it up while also stocking up on food.

Home and wellness

A lifelong creator and one-time college dropout, Ingrid Nilsen, along with tech and media professional turned entrepreneur, Erica Anderson, co-founded The New Savant to bring candles back to the basics. The queer, women-owned brand brings imaginative scents (specially co-created with master perfumers from a storied Swiss fragrance house) into homes, inspired by personal experiences past and present. Heatwave was inspired by Ingrid’s SoCal roots, where summer lasts all year long, and burns with a bright cucumber, peach and earthy scent.

Activism-driven textile brand Suay Sew Shop centers on circularity for the benefit of not only the climate, but the community too. Suay makes products from a mix of postconsumer waste and deadstock organic-grown fibers. That means everything Suay creates come from materials that would’ve otherwise gone into the landfill. As of 2019, the powerhouse team of textile recyclers diverts over 250,000 pounds of garments from landfills each year to its northeast Los Angeles-based sew shop and retail space. The brand also supports and advocates for garment workers’ rights, like pushing policy reform for fair wages, and continuously highlights systemic injustices within the fashion industry, especially among indigenous communities and communities of color. Suay’s best selling Pride Linen Pillow is made of upcycled deadstock linen fabric and is one example of many other apparel and home good product lines.

Not feeling seen or respected in the hair and beauty industries was a constant frustration for Sheena Lister. Frustrated by not being able to find a product that represented her identity and hair length, she set out to make a pomade for herself — and others in the LGBTQ community. Her product, Barb, a gender neutral pomade for short hair, was made first and foremost to serve women, trans and non-binary people. However, all short haired humans who want a quality pomade and want to support an LGBTQ-owned brand will love Barb.

Vegan and cruelty free Meow Meow Tweet makes personal care products that tread lighter on the planet and gives back to grassroots focused BIPOC and queer-led organizations. Named after their two beloved cats and Jeff’s bird, founders Jeff Kurosaki and Tara Pelletier launched the brand to offer natural and ethical health products at an accessible price point. Its All Over Lotion, made with lots of aloe and organic rose water from Bulgaria, is a bestseller. If it turns out you love it, you can even buy it in bulk for 15 percent less per ounce.

Founded by Nina Zilka and David Krause, Alder New York sells a wide range of vegan beauty and skincare products for all genders and identities. The brand uses ingredients backed by science for healthier skin and plant extracts that leave skin clearer and balanced. We recommend the Brightening Face Mask, a mud mask infused with vitamin C, zinc and calendula extract, that exfoliates and brightens skin.

Matthew Malin and Andrew Goetz founded Malin + Goetz to create simpler skincare products. Since launching in a small New York City apartment in 2004 with a limited range of products, the brand spans a wide variety of self care products from perfumes and candles to hair care and deodorant. The Bergamont Hand + Body Wash is one of its best sellers with a bright, citrus forward scent and amino acids for extra hydration.

Fashion and celebrity makeup artist Gloria Noto dreamed of starting her own beauty line for years. She launched Noto Botanics after a trip to Thailand made her realize what’s most important in life should be her priority: her happiness. Her wide range of gender-inclusive and clean cosmetics are vegan, cruelty free and made for people who value self expression, diversity and a shared sense of community — just as Noto Botanics does. The Deep Serum hydrates and brightens skin and works well on all skin types, from sensitive or dry to acne-prone or oily (or any combination of the mix).