GOOD: Kookai Is Finally Getting Dragged By Shoppers For Its Shit Sizing & ‘Body-Shaming’


Australian-owned fashion label Kookai has been dragged online after shoppers claimed the store was body-shaming and, honestly, GOOD.

As a POC medium-sized body woman who is constantly fluctuating in weight, Kookai has never been a stop during my shopping trips. Although, at times, the store can be alluring with its styled mannequins, clean space and trendy pieces, the vibes were just so off.

Since late last year, Kookai has been read to FILTH by shoppers who have claimed they’ve had shitty experiences, and there are honestly so many vids about these encounters it’s hard not to believe.

Adelle Petropoulos (@adellepetropoulos) shared her “beef” with the Aussie store, expressing her disappointment with the sizing as well as detailing her shitty experience with a Kookai sales associate.

Before Petropoulos shared her story, she claimed that the Aussie retailer only sold items from sizes six to 10. She revealed that she was an eight in tops and 12 in bottoms.

“When I asked [Kookai sales assistant] for a larger size of the dress that I was wanting she looked me up and down and literally said, ‘Doll, we don’t stock any larger sizes,’” Petropoulos said.

“Now, in hindsight, I should have roasted her right then and there but I wasn’t about to tear into the retail assistant because of her poor attitude.

“When I asked for the manager, she proceeded to go, ‘well, I can recommend a couple of stores that stock larger sizes for larger girls.’ Is she for real?”

Petropoulos said when the manager finally came, she did tell them it wasn’t their fault they didn’t have any larger sizes, but that the attitude of the sales associate was not OK.

“I said ‘clothes are meant to fit us we are not meant to fit clothes and once you have staff that understand the concept and respect everyone around them, absolutely not is it okay for you to be hiring people like this,’” she added.

“Then the manager proceeds to list some stores for me that I could shop for my size. It starts from the very top.”

In a second video, Petropoulos revealed that she was contacted by the brand after she uploaded her video. She also addressed the comments of her video, sharing that she was sad that others have had similar experiences at Kookai.

“I think after listening to so many of you and reading your comments, something needs to be done culturally about the company,” Petropoulos said.

“It’s not a one of experience, from what I am reading. It is something that is reoccurring.”

Another shopper, Talia Schonegevel (@talia.schonegevel) shared a video where she claimed that sales associates at Kookai stare at her up and down.

“Let’s talk about how Kookai body-shames everyone who walks into their store that isn’t in their size range,” she said.

“Time and time when I walk into Kookai, they’re always staring at me up and down.”

Under these videos, some folks have shared their thoughts on the store and their sizing.

Screen Shot 2023 06 01 at 5.05.27 pm
(Source: TikTok / @adellepetropoulos)
Screen Shot 2023 06 01 at 5.04.43 pm
(Source: TikTok / @talia.schonegevel)

TBH, I totally understand it’s not the worker’s fault that the sizing at Kookai is limited, but making someone feel like crap for asking for a size-up is terrible, and I know that feeling all too well.

Personally, for me, the one time I ever stepped in a Kookai, I was completely ignored. And not gonna lie, I am not surprised.

I did have a quick snoop on the Kookai website and discovered that the brand does carry sizes six to 12, and on some pieces, they offer a 14. However, so many brands that I know offer sizes 16 and more.

It’s literally 2023, and people of all shapes and sizes want to try new styles and fashion trends. They should be able to do that in a safe space or around sales associates who don’t bring others down for their size.

I’m honestly glad that Kookai is finally being called out for this behaviour, and hopefully, they’ll soon fix and address these issues.

Image Source: Getty Images / Jeff Greenberg

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GOOD: Kookai Is Finally Getting Dragged By Shoppers For Its Shit Sizing & ‘Body-Shaming’

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