Our Glazed Doughnut Nail Obsession Is Still Going Strong—19 Designs To Try Next


It’s true—our love for glazed nails trend isn’t going anywhere. While the chrome powder effect is nothing new, the technique really took off last year when Hailey Bieber’s manicurist, Zola Ganzorigt, brought it into the forefront of our social feeds when she used OPI’s Funny Bunny on Bieber’s nails before buffing over a pearlescent chrome powder (OPI’s Tin Can Man chrome powder, in case you were wondering. However, it’s only available to buy for professional nail technicians). And so the doughnut glazed mani was born, TikTok went wild for it and many of us promptly hot-footed it to our nail salon to request look for ourselves.

Celebrity manicurist, Zola Ganzorigt, brought the glazed doughnut nail trend into the spotlight last year when she did Hailey Bieber’s nails.

The beauty of nail trends is that they continue to morph. As such, we’ve seen the glazed manicure trend shapeshifter from the milky white glaze to vibrant orange, neon green and just about every colour you can imagine. We’ve even spotted it as a French tip nail art detail and in aura nail designs too. Essentially, if you can buff a chrome powder on top, any nail design goes.

In order to achieve the look, chrome powder needs to be applied over a gel polish with a non-wipe top coat in order for the chrome effect to adhere to the nails. But fear not, if you can’t make it into the salon anytime soon, there are plenty of chrome effect nail polishes that give you a very similar result.

Ahead, you’ll find the chicest glazed manicure designs to give you a dose of inspo for your next nail appointment or DIY mani.

Glazed Doughnut Nail Designs

Chrome French tips? So chic.

This lavender twist is so dreamy.

I’m seeing more and more citrus-glazed nail designs lately.

This lavender ombre is perfect if you want just a touch of colour with your glazed doughnut mani.

Red and chrome powder is an unexpected yet chic twist on the neutral glazed doughnut manicure.

Chrome powder makes your standard French manicure extra glossy.

Pink looks so pretty paired with the chrome powder effect.

As if the glazed nail trend couldn’t get anymore dewy, celebrity manicurist Queenie Nguyen added dew-droplets for a 3D effect.

There are so many chrome powders to choose from but this iridescent pink one adds a little something extra to a plain French manicure.

Lavender French tips and iridescent chrome powder? It’s a whole vibe.

Aura nails (think ombre nails, but from the centre of the nail outwards) have been cropping up everywhere lately, and I particularly love the look paired with the glossy chrome powder.

Just look at how this chrome powder catches the light—mesmerising.

Mermaidcore nails are big news, and this drench lavender chrome and water-droplet combo feels almost ethereal.

Can’t choose just one colour? Opt for two clashing colours in a chrome French instead.

This brown chrome manicure feels so luxe.

A milky pink is always, always a winner.

Green chrome ombre looks so pretty.

Glazed baby pink chrome is like lip oil for your mani.

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Our Glazed Doughnut Nail Obsession Is Still Going Strong—19 Designs To Try Next

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