Roger Federer is your newest travel companion


The tennis legend will get you from point A to point B in his new partnership with the navigation app, Waze.

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The recently retired and all too missed Roger Federer is back on tour!

Not the tennis tour, unfortunately (or, fortunately, where he’s concerned), but rather the world tour. As the newest addition to the Waze mood and voice family, Federer will be touring the world by your side, making sure you get from one tennis tournament to the next with ease.

Okay, you got me. It’s not just for tennis tournaments–although what better way to navigate to a tennis match than with Federer leading the way? Take Federer with you on every cross-country road trip, ice cream shop down the block, back streets of new cities and everywhere in between.

“When you choose the Roger Federer experience, you’re not just driving with the legend, you’re also on his team,” Waze said in its latest blog. “As your doubles partner (in the car, that is), you’ll take the wheel, and he’ll be on the baseline, handling directions.”

From left and right turns, to third exits at roundabouts, to hazards on the road ahead, the Federer experience is more than just a navigation system. For the true experience, update the ‘Mood’ setting to ‘Victorious’ to embrace the champion lifestyle. You can even go as far as selecting vehicles inspired by his love for Mercedes cars.

“Driving around town with a navigator and playing doubles both require accurate timing and trusting your partner’s lead,” Federer said. “Together with Waze, I will do my best to make proper adjustments if you miss your turn and make sure my partners on the road get to their destinations as quickly and as safely as possible.”

To access the ultimate Waze voice here to date, you can click on “Drive with Roger Federer” on your menu, or visit Settings > Voice & Sound > Waze Voice > Victorious for directions. For the Mercedes car selection, visit Settings > Map Display > Car Icon. The Roger Federer Moods can be found in your profile settings.

Roger Federer is your newest travel companion

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