Meghann Fahy On What She’ll Never Wear, Her Biggest Fashion Challenges, and The White Lotus Phenom



Meghann Fahy (Sarah Krick)

As the breakout star of The White Lotus, Meghann Fahy has charmed her way into our hearts while becoming fashion’s new darling with her breathtaking red carpet looks. The actress tells us how her style journey has evolved and why success is even sweeter after years of working her way up.

Thanks for being at our recent Fashion Los Angeles Awards! What did you think of the event?
It was so cool! It was such a special room of people, and I loved how heartfelt everybody’s speeches were. It was a beautiful space for these people to be acknowledged in this way. I thought it was so nice, and I was so grateful to be a part of it. It meant a lot to me.
That makes us so happy to hear! You mentioned in your speech something about owning skate shoes growing up, but that you didn’t skateboard. Can you tell us more about that?
I was deeply obsessed with Avril Lavigne. I wanted to be her in every way that I could be, so I wore skate shoes, but I could never really master the skateboarding part. I did try it once, but I’m pretty accident-prone, so I think I figured I’ll just wear the shoes and be a total poser instead!
You also mentioned that fashion hasn’t come easy for you. What are some of the biggest challenges for you?
The truth is when I think about it is that I’ve never been the kind of person who can go into a vintage store and go through racks of clothing and pick out something cool. I’m the kind of person who sees something on a mannequin and I’ll be like, “I’ll buy that whole thing because at least I know it works.” I never fancied myself creative enough to feel like I was fashionable. That’s evolved for me in a huge way over the past year. Especially in large part because of my amazing stylist, Thomas Carter Phillips.


Sara Moonves and Meghann Fahy (Caroline Fiss)

How did you start working with Thomas, and tell us about your relationship!
He was recommended to me by my also incredible publicist [Lauren Gold]. We had a Zoom meeting, and I immediately knew he was the right guy for me. He totally understood where I was coming from. Thomas told me that if I only wanted to wear one color all the time that people do that. There are no rules. It’s about whatever makes you feel comfortable and confident. I feel like he gave me that permission for the first time. He’s made this whole process so easy, and I always feel like myself when I’m doing various events. I’m so grateful to him. He’s a smarty-pants. I’m lucky to have him.
What does he know you would never wear?
Stilettos! It’s my one hard rule. I just can’t do it. It’s a bummer for him because he has to navigate that in a way he might choose not to. It’s the only rule I have. Even that was empowering for me to say to myself that I don’t do this.
I can’t do stilettos either!
They’re so pretty. I wish I could. I’m not Sarah Jessica Parker, and I never will be.
Do you have a favorite look over the past year that you’ve worn?
I think the Sag Awards moment [wearing Ralph Lauren] was a special one that I’ll always remember. I felt like the Queen in that dress. It was the first time I’ve ever worn something completely white, which I didn’t think I could do because I’m so pale. Thomas pushed me outside my comfort zone and it paid off.


Meghann Fahy (Getty)

You were in Next to Normal on Broadway. Will we see more stage work in your future?
I hope so. I do love theater, and I miss it. I don’t have any solid plans right now, but I’m definitely hoping to get back to the stage at some point.
We saw you sing on the Matt Rogers Christmas special on Showtime last year. You have such a beautiful voice. Would you ever consider recording an album at some point?
I grew up singing and never planned to be an actor. I ended up getting into acting by singing via Next to Normal. It’s definitely my first love. Music is a big part of my life. It’s something I’m open to, and I’m thinking about musical ventures.
You were on One Life to Live, then The Bold Type, and then The White Lotus, which was this crazy cultural phenomenon. Are you happy that this success has happened gradually for you?
I feel grateful for the journey to this point. Looking back, there were so many times when I was not working—and for long periods of time, as well. That can be hard and scary and stressful. You have to find ways to make money. I was a nanny; I worked in restaurants in New York. The White Lotus has been such an amazing experience. I’ve never been a part of something that has been as much of a cultural phenomenon as this show is. If I had been younger or hadn’t been through everything I’ve been through, I’m not sure how I would have handled it. It’s hard to navigate, so I’m grateful that everything has unfolded for me in a way that feels natural and at the right time. I trust the process.


Meghann Fahy (Courtesy)

You’re currently shooting a Netflix series, The Perfect Couple, with Nicole Kidman and Liev Schreiber. You probably can’t say much about it, but can you tell us anything?
It’s been great. It shoots in Cape Cod, and I grew up going there every summer. I’m originally from Massachusetts, so it’s special to be working there and being close to my family and being in a place that feels so homey and familiar to me. This is another great cast of actors. It’s a fun show. It’s sexy and mysterious. I’m excited about it.
What were your summers like growing up?
I have a huge family, with many uncles, aunts, and cousins who feel like nieces and nephews. I’m the oldest, and they’re much younger than I am. My summer memories are going to Cape Cod with the family and renting a big house and going to the beach in the day and having dance parties on the deck at night…and grilling. We’re doing it again this year in July. I can’t wait for that!

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Meghann Fahy On What She’ll Never Wear, Her Biggest Fashion Challenges, and The White Lotus Phenom

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