Men’s Summer Clothing Essentials: 25 Infallible Ways to Win Summer Style


Men’s summer clothing essentials is a real mouthful, but they’re worth getting right. Sure, summer—with its promise of long, sun-filled days, and chill, barbecue-packed nights—is arguably the most fun season of the year. But no amount of rooftop kickbacks or PTO can save you from its punishing swelter; summer, dear reader, is also the toughest season to dress for. Layering, the greatest joy of the cooler months, is mostly nonexistent. Shorts? Verboten in your corporate-ass office. Jeans are off the table entirely (not even the lightest denim will save you in 95-degree weather). And you have how many summer weddings?!

The Summer Style Hit List

Before you start to spiral, though, pause for just a second and breathe. Because your stylish confidants here at GQ Recommends have the solutions you need to beat the heat and look hot-as-hell doing it. These are 25 lab-tested (not really) methods to get massive fits off all season long, a.k.a. the only men’s summer clothing essentials you’ll ever really need.

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  • The Sultry Sheer Shirt

    Summer is a time to show off some skin, but there are more ways to reveal your sexy self than wearing short shorts or leaving your shirt unbuttoned. A tantalizingly translucent shirt made from a lightweight sheer fabric or mesh or a polo shirt with a knit that’s loose enough to let your skin peak through are great options for turning up the heat while staying cool.

    Knickerbocker cotton Yuma polo

  • Jorts (Not a Joke!)

    Maybe we’ll be cringing a few years from now, but jorts are legit cool now. Buy ’em big and baggy or simply chop off an old pair of jeans and rock them super short, frays and all.

    Wallace & Barnes 6″ drawstring denim shorts

  • The Woven Sandals

    Just like mesh shirts, a breezy pair of woven leather sandals are the move this summer whether that means a pair of Chris Pine-approved huaraches or a nifty pair of fogey-beloved fisherman sandals.

    Nisolo huarache sandals

  • The Star-Making Sunglasses

    No disrespect to wayfarers or aviator sunglasses, it’s time to break away from the staid classics. You’re wearing a lot less during the scorching months and sunglasses are one of the few ways you can have a little fun. 

    Retrosuperfuture rectangular sunglasses

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Men’s Summer Clothing Essentials: 25 Infallible Ways to Win Summer Style

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